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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Happy Birthday, Jesse!

Happy happy birthday to you, dear husband!

Today is Jesse's birthday and we have a day planned that's jam packed full of fun, food and lots of laughs. I might be biased, but I'm pretty sure I married one of the most awesome guys in the world - and after eight years (we were only wee babies when we met), I love him more than ever!

Happy birthday to a guy who understands my board game obsession and figures out the ultimate scrabble move in the history of scrabble (it's Qi, guys.... smack that Q on a triple letter/word score and you've got yourself a good 31/33 points :P)

Happy birthday to a guy who listens to my zany blog ideas, doesn't mind that his whole life is pretty much on the internet (ha!), who knows not to eat food until a photo is snapped (or he'll snap his own photo!) and who happily films our travel adventures just to share with you guys. 

Happy birthday to the "designated driver" who saves me from riding on my "walking bus" and puts up with crazy Sydney traffic. 

Happy birthday to the guy who never fails to make me laugh every single day (I kid you not!) and makes every day an enjoyable one.

Happy birthday a guy who isn't afraid to be a little bit ridiculous (yep, we wore these babies to church on Christmas day, ha!) and who really is the perfect fit for me. 

Happy birthday to a guy with a huge heart who is incredibly selfless and always willing to help out. Whether it's to help friends move, to fix something at home or at church or to help someone out who's in need.... but also someone who is so humble and never wants any recognition or praise. 

Happy birthday to a guy who is happy to ride on an elephant, build a piece of furniture from scratch, visit an obscure city or spend hours listening to ideas just so his wife can tick things off her "bucket list". 

Happy birthday to a guy that everyone loves (and stop shaking your head, Jesse, it's true! I've not met a person who doesn't like you - even if you think otherwise!) and who is a blessing to not only me but every single person you get to share life with. 

I love you. Here's to another year jam packed with adventure - and many, many more after that! 


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