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Friday, May 27, 2016

Recent Things: Naked Ears, Pained Expressions and FIRE!

Why hello there! I'm currently nursing a sore ankle (somehow I've managed to hurt my achilles and it is nottttttttt fun) and feeling the cold, however, I am SO glad it's Friday. A weekend with my hubs and nothing planned other than working on our DIY project is exactly what I need.

But first, I have lots to share with you!
So here's what's been happening in our world recently! >>

Unicorn Sweater for Christmas
Sweater from here.

Recent Want: This Unicorn Christmas Sweater (though I'd totally wear it all the time). Okay, I say want but I should really say purchase because it's only $17 with free shipping ($13 USD!) and yuh... I kind of need it. 

I feel like this is the BGB Community's Christmas Uniform right here (and I'm pretty sure I have to celebrate Christmas in July if I buy this too!)

Proud Supporter of Messy Hair and Sweat Pants Singlet Tank
Tank from here.

I also bought this tank because #reallife. But leggings totally trump sweatpants... and they're more socially acceptable thanks to the athleisure craze (which can totally continue being a craze because it means girl gets to buy all the activewear :P)

Nomato Sauce Pizza - Ella's Wisdom Paleo Vegan Pizzas

Recent Joy: Nothing brings me more joy than finding out people love my recipes or foodie creations. Over the weekend I took a jar of my nomato sauce to the team at Ella's Wisdom and they loved it - so much so that they're interested in selling it. 

Since reposting this picture, I've also had lots of you asking about how you can buy a jar - but I've also had a lot of people emailing me to tell me to take down the recipe - as well as people begging me not to take down the recipe if I do decide to sell it. 

Just so I can clear things up, I want you to know that no matter what, the recipe is staying on the blog. Sure I could potentially make a whole lot of money by taking it off and patenting it and yada yada - but that's not why I made the recipe. 

I made the recipe so that other people who also can't have tomatoes or nightshades or salicylates or acidic foods don't have to miss out. We have been looking into producing it for sale, however, we want to make sure that whatever we end up deciding on doing (or not doing, for that matter) still enables you to get the recipe and make it yourself. 

I don't create recipes to make money, I create recipes because I love to - and because I love to share my passion with others. Some may say that it's a bit silly to pass up a potentially brilliant opportunity to make money, however, it's ultimately my decision!

After all, money is only temporary - and money certainly can't buy you happiness. 

We're looking at a whole bunch of options at the moment and we'll keep you updated, however, I just wanted to reassure you that the recipe isn't going anywhere. Feel free to shout it from the rooftops and share it with your friends if you like - afterall, community is the reason we're blogging - and the more this blog grows, the more we have the ability to share with you!

Early Morning Run - Winter Runs Make My Ears Hurt

Recent Discovery: That we've reached that point in Autumn where it gets too cold to run outside with naked ears. That's a bit of an odd sentence, however, if I run/walk/jog outside when it's cold, I find I always come home with KILLER ear/sinus pain because of the temperature difference. 

I stupidly went for a run on Saturday with nothing covering my tiny little ears and I definitely felt it :P (and I felt that run the next day too.... will someone please remind me it's not a good idea to run 2 1/2 miles of hills when you haven't ran outside in FOREVER #notarunner #nomarathonshere). I love where we live but geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee willy do we have some hills!

Kristy the Babysitter

Recent Accomplishment: Making the family portrait line up ;) One of the little girls I babysit has been including me in all of their family portraits (even though yesterday she told me she doesn't like me any more because she'd rather her dad came home :P) so I'm counting that as an accomplishment :P 

When Someone Tells Me They Are Gluten Free for Fun

Recent Facials: Yup, this right here. Excuse me whilst I go cry into my gluten free bread whilst I soak in the fact that you are willingly giving up croissants and chewy delicious bagels. 

I can't even. 

Jesse cooking over his fire pit

Recent Fun: Firepit Friday! Actually I really do not need to say that as if Jesse happens to read today's post, he's going to make Firepit Friday a thing and I'm going to smell like smokey bacon every Friday night. 

There are few things Jesse loves more than fire. To be honest, if he could marry fire he'd probably choose fire over me - thankfully that's not legal in Australia :P  

On Friday night Jesse got his fire going and cooked dinner for everyone caveman style... well.... if caveman had chickens and sweet baby rays, that is.... 

The Best Paleo Banana Bread Recipe Healthy Grain Free Donut Recipe

Recent Reader Creations: Jenn let me know this week that she has been making our Healthy Paleo Banana Bread Recipe for over a year and is still continuing to make it! It's actually one of our most popular recipes on the blog (thanks to the fact it's been featured on Buzzfeed, the Greatist and countless magazine articles as well as shared and pinned millions of times by you guys!)  so I'm not surprised that Jenn is such a fan!

The lovely Zoe also made one of our recipes this week - another one of our most popular recipes; our Healthy Grain Free Baked Donuts Recipe (perhaps I need to be making more paleo/grain free treats!) which she topped with melted chocolate!

Fresh Batch of Nomato Sauce

Recent Experiments: Going back to our Nomato Sauce, I've actually been experimenting with lots of different recipes using it. SIL Mama suggested perhaps putting together a tomato free/nomato sauce eBook to share these creations with those of you who also can't have tomatoes/nightshades/salicylates etc and I'd love to know what you think! Is this something you'd like to see?

Plus, an eBook means that EVERYONE can benefit from the goodness - not just those who we can purchase our nomato sauce or the creations made using it (another reason why we're iffy about selling it - we can't sell it to everyone!)

Healthy Weekly Meal Inspiration - Healthy Gluten Free Meal Plan

Recent Eats: On the SIL Dinner table this week was;

Friday #fridayfakeout - I had a gluten free pizza (with nomato sauce, of course) for dinner whilst Jesse cooked chicken for everyone else as a) I can't eat barbeque sauce and b) girl isn't too much of a fan of big hunks of meat. Big hunks of pizza, however? I can definitely do :P 

Saturday I made an oldie but a goodie; Our Healthy Spinach and Feta Bake Recipe - and then I wondered why I hadn't made them in so long as they're sooooooooooooo good!

Sunday We got home late as we'd been at a friends house in the afternoon so a quick dinner was a must! A few minutes later and I whipped up our Healthy Asian Noodle Stir Fry Recipe. Usually I always make our Healthy Sticky Peanut Stir Fry Recipe but I remembered that I hadn't made this one in a while - and I had an opened jar of tahini in need of some TLC. 

It must have been the week for remembering old recipes as after those two I decided to go back through the blog archives and revisit some old faves!

Healthy Weekly Meal Inspiration - Healthy Gluten Free Meal Plan

Monday a dig through the archives reminded me that I hadn't made our Healthy Savoury Chicken and Pesto Crepes Recipe in such a long time, so I made exactly that! Jesse hates basil so I left out the pesto for him and I rolled the crepes wrap style for easier eating too!

Tuesday was #TacoTuesday/#MexicanMartes only this time Jesse decided he wanted Mexican rice. We ended up deciding to make these Healthy Beef Mexican Rice Bowls Recipe to satisfy both of us. His stayed true to the original recipe, however, as I can't have capsicum or tomatoes, I mixed nomato sauce through mine and topped my bowl with a sprinkle of cheese and some avocado because... well... can you ever go wrong with either?

Healthy Weekly Meal Inspiration - Healthy Gluten Free Meal Plan

Wednesday I made our Cheesy Quinoa Bakes Recipe and doubled the recipe so we had plenty for lunches too! 

Thursday night (last night!) Jesse felt like steak and I felt like mushrooms so steaks with our Healthy Creamy Mushroom Sauce Recipe it was!

Healthy Chicken and Dumplings Soup RecipeHow to Make Me Time When You Have a Busy ScheduleHealthy Single Serve Pumpkin Pie Baked Oatmeal Recipe

But tell me, how has your week been?
What's the last item of clothing you bought?
And what's the best thing you've eaten this week?
PS: Anyone with tips on how to stop my ankle feeling like it's been sliced with a knife would be much appreciated :P Rest, rest and more rest is happening already.


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