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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

How Healthy Living Bloggers Like to Spend Their "Me Time"

How Healthy Living Bloggers Like to Spend Their Me Time - Ideas for Self Love and Inspiration for Self Care

So, last week I shared my tips for How to Make More "Me Time" When You Have a Busy Schedule but I thought you might be in need of a little more inspiration. 

As I said in my last post, everyone's "me time" looks different - so rather than just share my ideas, I thought I'd get a little help from my friends! 

Today, I've rounded up a bunch of ideas from my very talented blogger friends who also happen to have healthy living blogs of their own! Not only will it give you some ideas for your own "me time" - but you'll probably find a few new blogs to add to your must read list too!

And, of course, in true Kristy fashion; the doodles are back! And apparently my little cartoon friends are feeling the cold this week as I've drawn a few of them in long sleeves :P

So here are our favourite ways to spend a little "me time"! >>

How Healthy Living Bloggers Like to Spend Their Me Time - Workout or Exercise

It probably comes as no surprise that many of us choose exercise as our "me time", however, everyone has their own favourites!

Heather from Fit 'n Cookies said that going for a run or workout sans baby is her perfect "me time"
Emma from Emma's Little Kitchen said that going for a run and catching up on her favourite podcasts is pure bliss 
Liz from Pumpkin and Peanut Butter said that a quick 30-45 minute yoga session is her ideal "me time" as it helps her relax
Katrina from Cardio and Kilos said that she is lucky enough to have a job at a university with a huge arboretum so she spends her "me time" by taking a lunchtime walk
Nicole from Nicole Culver Blog said that she likes to fit in a workout before her littles ones get up to get her ready for the day ahead

How Healthy Living Bloggers Like to Spend Their Me Time - Do Something Creative or Knit
Get Creative
Exercise isn't the only way to relax and recharge - and plenty of bloggers prefer to put their creativity to work when enjoying a little me time. 

Leah from Love Me Feed Me said that her favourite "me time" involves yoga, candles, crystals, music and painting or drawing
Charlotte from Sweet Sundays said that she likes to needlepoint whilst binge watching her favourite cooking shows
Ellen from My Uncommon Everyday said that she likes to spend half an hour to an hour before bed journaling, enjoying a nighttime snack and reading blogs to make sure she's destressed and ready for a good night's sleep!
Annie from Take a Bite said that she likes to listen to one of her favourite podcasts rather than music when heading out for a walk
Claire from My Pink Green Life said that her favourite ways to spend her "me time" are journaling, doing yoga and going for a walk. Her "me time" is all about clearing her mind and these are the things that help her do that!

How to Make Me Time When You Have a Busy Schedule

Lose Yourself in a Good Book 
Snuggling up with a good book is one of my favourite ways to indulge in a bit of "me time" - and many of these ladies agreed!

Catherine from Foodiecology said that whilst she loves a long walk to clear her head, she loves sitting down with a good book
Emily from Emily Ruth Weir said that sitting by the pool in the sun with a good book or simply lounging in the chair and focusing on her breathing is her perfect "me time"
Jenn from A Traveling Wife said that she likes to make some fresh popcorn and escape the world with a good book or some YouTube
Jessie from The Acquired Sass said that whilst she loves a good workout, sipping a glass of wine whilst reading a good book with her phone out of earshot is her kind of "me time" 

How Healthy Living Bloggers Like to Spend Their Me Time - Go For a Walk With Your Dog or Spend Time with Loved Ones

Spend Time with Those You Love
Often times I use my "me time" to catch up with my friends and family as I have a seriously busy schedule - and I'm definitely not the only one!

Megan from Apron Strings and Sticky Fingers said that her ideal "me time" is catching up on blog posts she's missed and connecting with her blogger friends
Kaila from Healthy Helper likes to spend her "me time" by taking a walk with her pup whilst listening to a comedy podcast
Emily from Beauty in Christ said that her "me time" tends to involve listening to scripture or sermons, going for a walk to pray and think or spending time checking out her friend's Instagram and blog posts.

How Healthy Living Bloggers Like to Spend Their Me Time - Pamper Yourself

Pamper Yourself
When you're so busy rushing around, it's easy to forget to look after you - and that's where "me time" definitely comes in! 

Ellie from Hungry by Nature said that she likes to put on a face mask and relax with a good book whilst taking a bath. 
Natalie from A Fit Philosophy said that she likes to get a mani/pedi or fit in a morning workout before her day gets too hectic
Sarah from Bucket List Tummy said that she likes to treat herself - whether it be splurging on a fancy coffee or kombucha or relaxing with Netfix and a bowl of icecream
Britney from Savour and Shine said that she likes to paint her nails and watch an episode of Gilmore Girls - her favourite "feel good" show!

And there you have it! A whole heap of different "me time" favourites from all over the globe!
But tell me, how do you like to spend your me time? Did we miss anything?
My ideal "me time" is always changing, but right now? You'll find me snuggled up with a blanket, a good book and a cup of tea on my big red armchair.... and you'll probably find Trixie at my side as she doesn't think I can sit alone when I'm on that chair ;) 


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