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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Kristy's Random Ramblings #2 [BLOGGER LINK UP!]

Kristy's Random Ramblings - Because life is too short to take yourself so seriously

Yuuupppp! It's Wednesday and my ramblings are back - only this week I'm back with a blogger link up so hopefully there's a whole lot of extra rambling happen as different bloggers share their own thoughts in the link up below.

But here's what's been on my brain lately! >>

Overwhelmed and Exhausted Cartoon

So, apparently I'm really in need of a holiday because my brain is having moments where it completely shuts off. 

Case in point? On Monday I turned up at a doctor's appointment, only to realise as I was sitting in the waiting room that my appointment was actually for next week and not Monday the 4th. 

I'm usually really early to things... but one week early is a little too extreme. 

My lack of brain power is also showing up with my typing... just before I was sending an email and I wrote didding instead of didn't and just as I was typing this sentence I wrote senting instead of sending. 

They're not even things, friends. Who wants to send me on vacation? 

Oh, Kids these days Grandma Cartoon

I've also realised that we're totally screwing up the next generation. You see, we always complain about how "kids these days" can't spell and have really poor grammar and yada yada.... but you only have to open up instagram and you see this; 
  • YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! < because apparently E's are so 2015. 
  • #cantstopwontstop < hashtags don't even allow punctuation so that makes them irrelevant. 
  • #treatyoself < because apparently yoself is a very happy ethnic man who gets all the delicious things. BRB, changing my name. 
And there's a whole heap of words that used to mean one thing and now apparently mean the opposite. I am constantly urban dictionary-ing things to figure out what people are talking about.

Need an example? Jesse's friends were talking about how "dank" something was and since it was something really awesome, I was totally confused. At first I thought they meant danke, but then I was even more confused as to why they were thanking an inanimate object in German for just existing..... but then I realised they were using it as an adjective. 

Friends, dank is not good. It's cold and dark and mouldy and eugh. 

Girl confused at dictionary cartoon

Mould is another word that annoys me.... or mold if you're in the US. 

You see, we have two different spellings for the word and yet each spelling means the same thing.

Both mould and mold mean both the fuzzy fungus that grows on things and something you use to shape things with. 

Come on, world. If you've got two words, could you at least give them separate meanings?

I really don't want a shop owner to mix up my moulded heart cake order and have it arrive green and fuzzy and teaming with microorganisms..... not cool, man. 

Kidult cartoon

I've also decided there should be a word for adults who can be both grown up and childlike (in the best possible way). Want to know what it is? 


Yup, that's me - Kristy the kidult. 

Cheeky Baby Cartoon

Other than the fact I can't draw sitting babies (because this one kind of looks like a sumo), I've been wondering... 

Do you think babies and toddlers know they can get away with things just because they're a baby/toddler?

I mean, when I was a kid I would "fall asleep" in the car knowing that I'd get away with being carried inside because my parents expected me to fall asleep - so why wouldn't babies do the same?

Babies are secretly evil masterminds. 

Random Ramblings Link Up
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And no! Cartoons are not necessary - but they are fun ;) Feel free to scribble away if you like - or just ramble along without them <3 
You can grab the image above if you like to use as well or make your own! PS: For the name section below, be sure to add the name of your blog/post!

But tell me, are you a kidult too? 
And what's one word you really don't like?


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