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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Kristy's Random Ramblings #3 [BLOGGER LINK UP!]

Kristy's Random Ramblings - Because life is too short to take yourself so seriously

It's Wednesday and you know what that means? $#!+'s about to get random, friends. 

Here's what random ramblings have been floating around my head lately >> 

Pokemon Go Cartoon - Pokemon Go Places You'd Never Usually Go

My husband, like many millions of other people around the world, is addicted to Pokémon Go (to the point where he made me put that é in there)..... But I actually think it should be called Pokemon Go Places You'd Never Usually Go. 

You see, usually Jesse will never go to the grocery store with me - and on Sundays after church if we're not hanging out with friends he wants to do a grand total of nothing - but now?! He'll go anywhere!

Why? To catch Pokemon. 

I'm not kidding. He actually ASKED to go for a walk yesterday when he got home from work and on Sunday whilst we were furniture shopping, Jesse was running around the store screaming "THERE'S A PIKACHU!" or "I NEED TO CATCH THIS EEVIE!". 

Heck, he even asked Mum to come solely so she could drive and he could catch Pokemon...... and then he proceeded to make her take turns she didn't need to take just so we could go past a PokeStop. 

Aye, aye, aye!

The Truth About Running and Activewear - Girl Running Cartoon

I was walking home the other day and was contemplating running to make the trip faster when I realised something...
When we're running, we wear different clothes so it doesn't look like we're running from something. 

I mean, that's not the only reason of course but when I was contemplating running home I was like "oh no, I can't do that... I'm wearing clothes"..... well actually I could have run, but I would have looked like I was escaping a murderer... or I would have looked a bit weird.

Things I Thought of Saying But Didn't Cartoon

I realised I could probably right sixty thousand books with things I thought of saying but didn't. It's probably my parents' fault.... you know the think before you say thing.... well, sometimes I think way too much before I say. 

Like this post. It's called random ramblings and I caught myself sitting here before thinking "when does random become too random.... what even is random? should I say that? is it too random?" 

Weird Proposal Traditions - Girl hit with an Apple Cartoon

I don't know how true this is (let's be honest, I'm rambling not fact checking here), but I was reading a book which said that, in Ancient Greece, a common marriage proposal was to throw an apple at a woman. 

If she caught it, she accepted. If she didn't?! Well, too bad, so sad. 

Um, sooooo, I don't know about you but I feel like, if I lived in Ancient Greece, I'd have a whole lot of fiances. How do you stop that automatic catch reaction? What happens if you just didn't want to be hit in the face with an apple?!

Traditions are seriously weird. Actually, it'd be my luck that I'd drop the apple when my true love threw it. 

Though, it would make for some pretty punny jokes. If your friend had a failed proposal you could be like "oh man, that proposal really fell through didn't it?". BADOOM TISH!

Random Ramblings Link Up
Join the link up below! 
And no! Cartoons are not necessary - but they are fun ;) Feel free to scribble away if you like - or just ramble along without them <3 

You can grab the image above if you like to use as well or make your own - just be sure to share a Random Ramblings post (not just any post... even though that's technically random but not really the point).

But tell me, are you a PokemonGo Addict?
And could you write a book with all the things you thought of saying but didn't?
What's on your mind right now?


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