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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Kristy's Random Ramblings #4 [LINK UP!]

Kristy's Random Ramblings - Because life is too short to take yourself so seriously

It's Wednesday once again and that means it's time to RAMBLE! Let's just jump right into it!

Here's what I've been rambling (and cartooning) about this week! >> 

Why I Struggle with Saying No

This year is my year of saying NO.... but let's be honest, whilst I've been good at saying no with some things, others I am absolutely hopeless at saying no to. Why? Perhaps because I'm too nice - or because I don't want to disappoint people... but there's one situation when I can NEVER seem to say no. 

When's that? When a friend recommends me for something or says "oh Kristy can do that".
Is it just me - or does that put you in a really awkward situation. I mean, if you say no  you're kind of making your friend look bad - right?

And then there's people who just can't take no for an answer. You say no and then all of a sudden they're telling you that you said yes or just organising things in the hope that you'll say yes because they probably know you really suck at saying no. 

I can't be the only one who has these issues.... can I?! 
What's a Girl to Do Cartoon

And speaking of weird social situations. It feels like the whole world is all for self love at the moment... but at the same time it's not socially acceptable. 

Let me explain. 

If I was to say "I'm so beautiful" you'd probably sit there rolling your eyes thinking "well you're a bit cocky". 

But if I was to say "I'm so ugly" all of a sudden everyone's like "don't say that! You're beautiful". 

You really can't win. 

Head Stuck in Phone Cartoon vs Girl with Head in Book Cartoon

But that's social norms for you. The other day I overheard (I'm really good at overhearing things because I have weird wolf-like hearing.. they have good hearing... right?) a conversation where someone was complaining that another person was so antisocial because he was sitting at the table with a book. 

Meanwhile, one of the people the complainer was complaining too was sitting there scrolling through something on their phone. 

Why are you antisocial when you bust out a book - but when you're on your phone that's okay?

Isn't it the same thing?

That's really shit cartoon

Speaking of conversations, I realise when Jesse isn't paying attention to me, I end up saying something really stupid to try and get his attention and make him laugh. 

Case in point? On Sunday we were walking all over the neighbourhood whilst Jesse was catching Pokemon and I decided he wasn't paying me enough attention so I shared this random epiphany... 

Why do people say "oh poop!" when something bad happens?

Because it's really shitty. 

And apparently I'm a six year old boy... and my drawings of poop are really shitty too....

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But tell me, what random things have been rolling around  your brain lately? 
And do you have a problem with saying NO too? 


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