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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Kristy's Random Ramblings #7

Kristy's Random Ramblings - Because life is too short to take yourself so seriously

Sometimes I wonder if my brain has a pun section as I tend to be punny without even realising. It drives Jesse nuts as I sneak them in anywhere and can come up with a killer pun on a whim. 

Not kidding, these are just some of the puns I've uttered unintentionally this morning; 
Jesse: "What are you doing? You're like a koala' 
Kristy: "I just want to spend some koalaty time with you" 
Jesse: "Stop"

Jesse: "Oh I guess I'll take this banana as it's broken"
Kristy: "That's because it finds you very a-peeling" 

Mum: -accidentally tears something- 
Kristy: "Look what you've done! That's tear-able.... get it...."
Mum: -rolls her eyes and walks away- 

Headache Cartoon

So, yesterday I had a shocking headache and it seems like everything in the whole entire world decided to be noisy just to make it worse. 

I never get headaches but this one was super bad (Jesse called it a migraine but I feel like that's exaggerating since I don't actually know what defines a migraine) and of course the council decided they were going to send huge trucks and concrete cutting machiney things to tear up the pathway across the road from us. That lead to screeching concrete cutting sounds all day long which then caused my two nosey pups to bark alllllll day long. 

So what did I do? I grabbed my laptop and laid down on the couch to work as that was the only way to stop my head spinning. 

Trixie Dog Cartoon

Sometimes I wonder what my dogs think of me. 

Firstly, they probably think it's totally unfair that I eat all day long whilst they only get fed twice - but I must also do a lot of things they think are odd. 

Like face masks.... 

The other day I put on a new charcoal face mask that someone had given me a while back and Trixie was freaked out. I can't really blame her though... I had a black face and was wearing said face mask whilst riding the stationary bike (#multitasking - workout + beauty regime in one :P) and so yeaaaaaaaaah.  

She's probably judging me... and you probably are too :P 

Kristy Trying to Dance

This weekend I'm planning on taking a Zumba class with one of my friends and I feel like it's a really bad idea but I am biting the bullet (that is such a stupid saying... way to break your teeth) and doing it. 

If you don't hear from me next week, I'm probably dead... 

That or I've gone into hiding from sheer embarrassment as I have two left feet :P 

But tell me, are you a fan of puns?
Have you ever tried Zumba?
And what do you think your pets would say about you if they could talk? 


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