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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Kristy's Random Ramblings #10

It's Wednesday and my mid-week rambles are BACK! Here's what's been floating around my mind lately... 
Why Pregnancy is Just Training for What's to Come - Funny Pregnancy Quotes Memes

Disclaimer: I am NOT pregnant, promise! You'll know! This is not an "asking for a friend" situation.

I was talking to a friend who has a toddler and all of a sudden I had a dejavu moment. You see, our conversation was one we were having just two years earlier - only she was pregnant than. 

I realised that pregnancy is totally training for what's to come. Why? Take a look at our two conversations: 

Food Aversions
Whilst pregnant: "All food is disgusting. Even chocolate... I love chocolate but right now? I hate it. I hate everything. Pizza, pasta, salads, fruits - I hate it all."
With a toddler: "He hates everything. Even the foods that were his favourites last week he will not touch. All of a sudden he just wakes up and NOPE. Sorry Mum, you bought 6000000 bananas yesterday but now I hate them."

Whilst pregnant: So I'm sitting on the couch eating yogurt with soy sauce. Judge away, growing a human makes you do weird things. 
With a toddler: "He asked for a peanut butter and vegemite sandwich and I was like "WHO WOULD EVEN DO THAT?!". You don't mix peanut butter and vegemite?!?!? Weird child."

Whilst pregnant: Cries about everything 
With a toddler: He just cries over every little thing. EVERY little thing. That's not normal, surely? 

Ummmmmm am I right or am I right?! It's like God was like "well, I can't stop human children from being weird so I better prepare the mother whilst she grows it". 

Why do we use the word Gooey to describe food?

In other news, why do we use the word gooey as a good thing. 

Gooey brownies. Gooey chocolate..... the list goes on and on but I feel like gooey is kind of one of those words like moist. It's just gross.
Am I the only one who overthinks words? 

But tell me, what's been floating around your brain lately? 
What words do you think we should STOP using? 
And if you're a Mum/Mum-to-be - what's something you've done that a toddler would probably do too? 


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