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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Kristy's Random Ramblings #9

Kristy's Random Ramblings - Because Life is Too Short To Take Yourself Too Seriously

Helllllooooooooooooooooo there! 

If you've met me in person you probably heard me say that in my sing-song voice because apparently everyone knows when I walk into a room because I do a distinct hellooooooooo! (the first bit is higher and the o is extra entended... I'll record it for you sometime and then delete it and redo it sixty thousand times and then swear to never say it again because I've just come to the realisation that my voice is absolutely ridiculous - so maybe I won't record it at all :P).

But look at me, rambling already and I haven't even started doodling. Let's jump right into the doodles, shall we?!

Should You Wear Makeup to Group Exercise Classes?

I'm still doing Zumba classes on the weekend but this Saturday I realised something. There was only two people in the class not wearing makeup - and one of those people was me.

Ummmmm, did I miss the memo? 

Is makeup whilst exercising a thing because to me that sounds like a pore clogging disaster. 

Really?! Girl Cartoon with Attitude

Lately I've realised that we either; 
a) live in a world that's really dumb 
or b) live in a world where people sue every chance they get

Why? All of a sudden I've noticed these really stupid disclaimers on advertisements and packages everywhere. For example, I bought some baking stones the other day and on the box it says "Contains 2x Round Baking Stone. Does not include pizza" < really?!

And then, as tends to happen, because I noticed that I started noticing them everywhere

An ALDI catalogue advertising roof racks? Car not included (oh darn! For $29 I really thought I was going to get that Land Cruiser as an added extra) 
Swimwear catalogue? Does not include pool. 

I mean; really, people?!?! Do we even need to state the obvious?

I Don't Know Cartoon Girl

Over the weekend I shared a reader survey where you can tell us what you'd like to see on Southern In Law (tell us here!) and so far we've realised some things; 
  1. There are SO many people who have responded and said "I've been following SIL for years but never commented" < please say hello! Otherwise we don't know you're listening!
  2. Lots of you want to know more about our marriage and marriage tips < meanwhile we're just over here faking it til we make it (not our feelings... Jesse feels like I need to clarify this - I mean faking that we actually know how to be awesome married people) because we don't actually know how to "do" marriage - we just know how to be ourselves :P But we're trying to think of how we can give you an insight into our marriage anyway!
  3. Recipes are always a winner < nothing I didn't already know here... who doesn't love delicious food?!?!
  4. Craft and travel posts are something we haven't been sharing enough of < which means we need to get our act together and do more fun things, right?!
  5. You want to know more about products/links/things we're loving as well as gift ideas and traditions < which we can definitely do!
  6. And we need to share more day to day life stuff with you guys < because somehow you t hink we're awesome? Which is great because most people would probably be checking us into the insane asylum by now ;) 
And I've also realised that I need to keep that form open all the time as I am LOVING all of the responses! It's so interesting to hear what you guys really want!

But tell me,
How has your week been?
What's the last thing you said really?! to? (that's an attitudey really as in... excuse me whilst I beat my head against a wall really
And makeup and exercising - what are your thoughts?


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