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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Celebrating Three Years of Marriage!

8 Years Ago - Long Distance Relationship Australia and USA America

Eight years ago today, I thought I was head over heels in love with a boy on the opposite side of the world, racking up ridiculous phone bills and constantly living with my Hiptop/Sidekick in my hand so I could talk to him through AIM. 

7 Years Ago - Long Distance Relationship Australia America USA

Seven years ago today, I knew I was definitely in love with that boy on the opposite side of the world and my heart ached knowing I wouldn't know when I'd see him again. 

5 Years Ago - Our First Christmas Together

Five years ago today, I was counting down the days until that boy would return to Australia once again, knowing that this Christmas was going to be the best one yet as we'd finally spend it together - and we'd finally be reunited after two and a half years apart. This was the boy I was going to marry and those plans started now. 

4 Years Ago - Engaged and Ready to Move to Australia

Four years ago today, I was still in love with that boy and once again waiting for him to return for three months. This time I had a pretty little engagement ring on my finger and was frantically sorting out visa documents so together would finally be our forever. 

3 Years Ago Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Three years ago today, I had this incredible sense of peace and calm (the polar opposite of what we thought), knowing that today would be the day I would finally marry that boy I fell in love with eight and a half years ago. 

Today - Wedding Anniversary Celebration Blog Post

And today? Today I'm even more in love with that boy than I was in all those years gone by - and so proud to call him my husband. 

Today doesn't need fancy gifts or raucous celebration because I married the person who makes every day incredible. Someone who makes me laugh, without fail, multiple times a day, someone who "gets" me, someone who I am completely content with doing absolutely nothing with - as long as I'm by his side.

Today is another day to fall in love with that boy from the other side of the world all over again and a day I am so so thankful for. 

Happy Anniversary to my best friend and the one who makes me whole! Here's to a million more and a perfect day of just being together - whatever the weather decides we'll do!

And for those of you who may not have read our story - be sure to check our About Us Page which has everything from how we met to How We Survived Five Years in a Long Distance Relationship right through to our Wedding Recaps!

But tell me, what were you doing three years ago? 
How about eight years ago? 


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