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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Kristy's Random Ramblings #11

It's that time again - time for me to spill all the random things that are floating around my brain onto the blog with my silly little sketches.

If you've hit a bit of a writer's block or feel like something different, feel free to ramble along with me on your own blog - or share your rambles with me in the comments! That way, I look a little less crazy than I actually am ;) 

This is going a little bit deep for a random ramblings post but hey, bear with me friends.. 

Lately I've realised how important it is not to make decisions out of fear. I'm not going to be vague here and leave it at that because that kind of annoys me - so let me explain. 

Jesse and I have been looking for a house for 6 or so months now (I'd say casually looking because we aren't in a huge rush and thus don't need to settle) and whilst we've officially applied for four houses, we've only been accepted for one. 

That one was one I looked at on the weekend by myself and even though I wasn't overly keen on it, I still handed an application. That day I realised it totally wasn't right for us based on a number of different reasons and low-and-behold who do I get a phone call from yesterday afternoon? The agent. 

Immediately I went from "no way, this house isn't right for us" to "well maybe we should say yes". Why? Fear, my friends.

LUCKILY, I realised it was fear driving my decision and ended up telling the agent no, however, if I had have said yes based on fear - it definitely wouldn't have been a good decision. 

Not really the greatest story in the world (sorry, friends...) but the moral of it is; DON'T MAKE DECISIONS OUT OF FEAR! In caps because it's very important... okay? 

If you're waiting for a sign not to let fear rule your life... this is it ;) 

Speaking of bear with me.... I've realised that a lot of people mistakingly write "bare with me" without realising they're essentially telling people to strip off and get naked with them.

This, my friends, is the importance of grammar. 

Definitely do not tell your Tinder match (is that what they call them? I have no clue) to "bare with you" a second whilst you do something because they may be thinking something totally different... 

I had a bit of an ephiphany earlier in the week when I was talking to my little friend who I volunteer with about how some letters are similar - like how a capital F is like a capital E with a "bite" taken out of it and that's how he gets confused. 

I was trying to comfort him and I ended up making myself realise that FAT is just EAT with a bite taken out of the E. 

I'll never look at either word the same again :P 

But tell me, have you had any epiphanies lately?
Anything you learnt this week? A life lesson? A random fact? What's floating around your head right now? 


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