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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Random Ramblings #12

So here I am sitting here with my sketch book (it literally says "sketch book" on it... I tell no lies, friends) ready to scribble away and share all the random things on my mind with you...

Only there's now only one thing on my mind... 

How weird many normal things actually are....

Let me explain. Yesterday I was watching TV with my Mum and Dad (Jesse was out at the movies on a man date) and they were watching The X Factor (I think? shows how much attention I was paying...) and the judges started clapping. 

Why Clapping is Really Weird

That's when I realised... clapping is really freaking weird. 

You're essentially saying "oh wow, I am so happy/excited/proud/joyful/appreciative that I am going to slap my hands together repeatedly". 

Ummmmm. Who decided clapping was a thing? 

Now the thought process in my brain is "why the heck did you write about clapping, Kristy?! Now you've got to draw clapping hands and you're really terrible at hands"... forgive me, friends.

Moving on.... 

Why Pineapples are Really Weird

You know what else we realised is weird? Pineapples

I was cutting a pineapple yesterday when Jesse came over (and seemingly saw the weird spiky bits flying everywhere and the huge mess I was making) and said "um... who was the person who decided pineapples were for eating? Like really, who looks at this rock-looking-spiky-thing and says I think I'm going to eat this". 

Which then lead me to think about all the other foods that are weird.... 

Lychees that are weird gelatinous eyeball-like things, milk (don't even get me started on milk), artichokes... the list goes on and on. I feel like people just went around sticking everything in their mouth and if someone died they were like "whoops... that was a doozy". 

Hello My Name is Lazy

Now I'm also kind of annoyed that I started drawing in a black texta versus a pen as now these drawings look dodgy - but I'm too lazy and it's too early to try and draw hands again and start all over :P 

Do Caterpillars and Butterflies Speak the Same Language

Another thing that's really weird is sleep (I don't have anything against sleep... I just find it weird that the first person who slept wasn't concerned that they were going to be unconscious for X amount of hours and not die.... well I suppose they didn't know what death was..).

But weirder than that is the whole caterpillar > cocoon > butterfly thing. 

Wouldn't you be totally weirded out if you went to sleep and woke up as a whole different person? 

Do butterflies and caterpillars even speak the same language?! Do you just wake up from your little cocoon and all of a sudden your whole family has no idea who you are and you can't even speak to them? 

But tell me, what's something "normal" you think is really weird? 
And if you were to wake up as a new person, who would you want to be? 
I was telling Jesse last night how I kind of wish I had Ariel-red hair, so perhaps I'd like to wake up as Isla Fisher... but not married to Borat...


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