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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

2016 Women's Christmas Gift Guide

The Best Gift Ideas for Women 2016 - Women's Christmas Gift Guide, Gift Ideas for Wife, Gifts for Girlfriend, Christmas, Anniversary, Birthday

Ladies, we've got 38 days until Christmas and now is the time to start leaving those hints for your husband or boyfriend or family members. Why? Because I don't think you really want to end up with another toaster for Christmas... or another perfume gift set... or whatever else your loved ones tend to buy you when they don't know what to get. 

I've rounded up a bunch of great ideas for Christmas this year that will appeal to all sorts of personalities. There's something from everyone - from the girly girl to the geek, to the environmentalist to the tech junkie and everyone in between.

And if you can't find something here - stay tuned, because I also have two more gift guides coming in the next few weeks for my fellow healthy living and foodie ladies. 

So let me share my Best Gifts for Women this Year! >> 

Gift Ideas for Beauty Queens - The Best Gift Ideas for Women 2016 - Women's Christmas Gift Guide, Gift Ideas for Wife, Gifts for

How much? Prices from $3.99
The best bits? Scunci have the perfect stocking stuffers with their range of hair accessories, hair brushes, headbands and styling tools. My picks are the Paddle Brush ($14.95) and Scunci on the Go! Hair Kit ($12.95) which is perfect for stashing in your handbag for hair emergencies! 😉
Available from: Big W, Coles, Target and Priceline.

How much? $44.95 
The best bits? This scrub exfoliates, softens and hydrates skin to leave it feeling silky smooth and has to be one of my favourite body scrubs at the moment. Not only will your skin feel smooth as soon as you've washed it off - it continues to feel smoother for longer as it rehydrates and moisturises your skin long after your shower.
Available from: Online at Embalm.

How much? $139
The best bits? Stylish and smart, the MoistureProtect Straightener looks gorgeous in rose gold whilst the sensor technology inside protects the moisture balance of your hair to ensure it's not doing unwanted damage. Easy to use and leaves hair feeling great.
Available from: Harvey Norman, Myer, The Shaver Shop and The Good Guys

How much? $126
The best bits? Available in normal, oily and dry formulas, Stem Organics' products are Australian made and focused on organic ingredients. They're perfect for every skin type and especially great for anyone with sensitive skin as they're free from harsh chemicals.
Available from: Online at Stem Organics.

How much? $25
The best bits? Free from formaldehyde, tosylamide, DBP formaldehyde resin, synthetic camphor, xylene, toluene and nasty chemicals, this nail polish is non-toxic and environmentally friendly so they're better for both yourself and the world around you.Handmade in Byron Bay in a range of gorgeous colours, they're the perfect stocking stuffer!
Available from: Online at Biome.

VS Sassoon Diamond Waves Styler
How much? $59.95
The best bits? Easy to use, this styler effortlessly creates beautiful, long lasting waves. Use small sections for tighter waves or large sections for a looser more tousled look. The wand uses diamond radiance technologies and two heat settings so you can adjust the temperature to suit your hair type.
Available from: Myer, David Jones, The Shaver Shop, Priceline and Betta Electrical.

Got it in the Bag - The Best Gift Ideas for Women 2016 - Women's Christmas Gift Guide, Gift Ideas for Wife, Gifts for Girlfriend, Christmas, Anniversary, Birthday, Best Bags for Women 2016

How much? $389.99
The best bits? Who said nappy bags can't be stylish? This Noa Leather Bag is as stylish as it is functional. Available in two colours (light tan and black), the bag also comes with a mini organiser and comfy padded change mat. It also has a built in insulated bottle pocket which boasts up to four hours insulation.
Available from: Online at Storksak or at selected stockists.

How much? $49.95 
The best bits? Embroidered with a gorgeous design, this is the perfect summer tote for taking to the beach, shopping up a storm or general everyday use. 
Available from: Online at Annabel Trends.

How much? $69-78 depending on size
The best bits? Handmade and a win-win for both you and the makers, this Kelly Basket is handcrafted using weaved water hyacinth - a readily available natural material that is so abundant in Vietnam and Cambodia it is considered a weed - to create sustainable employment for under-privileged women in the region. 
Available from: Online at Temples and Markets.

Just for Her Gift Ideas - The Best Gift Ideas for Women 2016 - Women's Christmas Gift Guide, Gift Ideas for Wife, Gifts for Girlfriend, Christmas, Anniversary, Birthday

How much? Prices vary.
The best bits? Cute and comfortable, the Jockey Parisienne Range is available in a range of styles and colours and is the perfect stocking stuffer!
Available from: Myer, Big W and David Jones.

How much? $89.95
The best bits? Made from the softest silk and cotton with gorgeous prints and colours, Papinelle's robes are a beautiful gift idea and available in a range of colours, sizes and prints.
Available from: Online at Papinelle.

How much? $139 for two
The best bits? The secret of celebrities, silk pillowcases are becoming more and more popular - and Shhh Silk happen to have some of the best. Combining the luxury look and feel of white marble with the beauty benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcases, this limited edition marble silk pillowcase is a stylish addition to any bedroom!
Available from: Online at Shhh Silk.

How much? $99.95
The best bits? Style your home and add a touch of elegance and luxury with this gorgeous wreath. Available in both classic red or timeless white, this wreath is the perfect holiday accessory for your home.
Available from: Online at The Doors of Berry.

Stocking Stuffers for Women - The Best Gift Ideas for Women 2016 - Women's Christmas Gift Guide, Gift Ideas for Wife, Gifts for Girlfriend, Christmas, Anniversary, Birthday

Trivial Pursuit 2000.
How much? $25
The best bits? You might be thinking that this game is "too young" for you - but don't let the name put you off! Perfect for anyone born before 2000, the questions in Trivial Pursuit's 2000's edition range from pop culture and tech to entertainment, events and more. Whilst we used to think Trivial Pursuit was boring, we LOVE this version!
Available from: All major retailers.

How much? $39 for one month
The best bits? A monthly subscription box showcasing handmate items created by Australian Artist and designers, The Makers Mailer delivers a beautifully wrapped surprise gift to your door each month. Past boxes have included coin purses, wine charms, jewellery, homewares, pillow cases and more.
Available from: Online at The Maker's Mailer.

How much? From $12
The best bits? I love fun shirts and SnorgTees has to be one of my favourite places to buy them from. They make a great stocking stuffer and Snorg have something for everyone. Crazy Cat Lover? They've got a whole cat collection, think sprinkles should be on everything? you'll love this, fellow supernatural fan girl? here you go!
Available from: Online at SnorgTees

How much? $39.95
The best bits? Spill resistant and insulated, this travel cup is made from high quality materials that are stain and odour resistant whilst being dishwasher safe and equipped with a chip that allows you to order and pay for your coffees using the CafePay app at selected cafes. Simply connect your CafePay account to your cup and CafePay will read your cup to take your order, pay and add loyalty rewards.
Available from: Online at Frank Green.

How much? $89
The best bits? The perfect balance of portability and performance, this compact umbrella looks stylish whilst keeping you dry. It is the strongest collapsible umbrella around - meaning you won't be left red faced and soaking wet if the wind picks up.
Available from: Online at Blunt Umbrellas.

How much? From $14.95
The best bits? I don't know about you, but my iPhone cables don't seem to last all that long - and I tend to charge my iPhone in more than one place. Belkin's cables, however, are made to be durable (and stylish!) and are one of my go-to stocking stuffers. Available in a range of colours, patterns and textures, including Rose Gold, the Mix It Cables are available to suit a wide range of phones and devices and prices start at $14.95. Also be sure to check out their docks and car chargers for something a little extra.
Available from: Online at Belkin or selected stockists.

But tell me, what's on your Christmas wishlist for this year? 
I'm not a big gift receiver (I'd much rather give!) but I've been looking at getting a new camera for a while and I think that it's high time I finally bought it! That or a mini food processor to keep on the bench for small batch stuff!


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