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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Kristy's Random Ramblings: Undoing the Awkwardness and Frustrating Conversations

So, today I thought we'd just chat ramble.

It's Wednesday and I have a whole lot of thoughts floating around my head. I don't know if it's possible to not think ALL the time - but if it is, I've never experienced it. 

Even when I'm listening to something, I'm still thinking.

So let me tell you what's been floating around my mind lately >> 

This morning I was listening to a podcast when I said hello to someone and then I realised; I've already said good morning to them. 

So then I was wondering... is it weird to say good morning to someone twice? I feel like that's awkward... but so am I. 

And to make things worse, I did something even more awkward. I laughed out loud at my podcast. 

Imagine me, walking along listening with headphones on and then in the quietness I laughed, out loud. 

It was kind of like one HA! 

And then you know what I did? 

I rapidly inhaled like I was trying to suck the laugh back in like oh gosh, that was awkward... undo.. UNDO!

Only, you know, you can't suck it back in and you're just left with awkwardness. 

I've also realised lately that people say a lot of things I don't mean. Let me explain. 

Person: "I really like both images, you choose"
Me: -chooses an image- 
Person: "Oh, can you use the other one?" 

Me: -answers phone- "Hello Kristy speaking" 
Person: "Hi Kristy, i'd like to reassure you that this isn't a marketing call..."
Person continues to speak in a robot voice whilst she offers me a "complimentary" 9 inch Android tablet and dinner for two if I buy her product for $3502453045 billion dollars 

Me: "What would you like for dinner tonight?"
Jesse: "I don't mind, whatever you feel like making"
Me: "Spaghetti?"
Jesse: "No"
Me: "Stir fry" 
Jesse: "No"
Me: "What do you want, then?"
Jesse: "I don't know, whatever you want to make"

REALLY, people?! And I'm pretty sure normal people don't "reassure" others that they're not calling for marketing purposes. 

But tell me, what's on your mind right now? 
When was the last time you were called by a telemarketer? 
And do you tend to be a bit awkward too? 


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