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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Random Ramblings: When Donuts are a Health Food

No cartoons today because things are ALL sorts of crazy this week and I'm just about to rush off for a day of meetings - but luckily for you, busy weeks aren't without random ramblings or crazy moments so let's jump into it!

Here's what has been on my mind lately >>

Speaking of what is on my mind... on Friday my brain was FULL.

I had to take a single dose steroids for a blood test on Friday which pushed my cortisol levels through the roof and oh mylanta was my brain going a million miles an hour. I felt like a kid let loose in a candy store with absolutely no restrictions, however, that kid had already consumed 60 pounds of sugar and was on the sugar high of the century.

It was so bad that Jesse gently advised I switched my phone off for the day and not answer any client phone calls because they'd know something was up 😜 

Needless to say, I'm pretty certain the tests will come back showing my adrenal glands majorly suck... still.

On a completely different note, when did donuts become healthy?

We taught Sunday school on Sunday and brought a big ol' spread of fresh fruit, banana bread and (fried) donuts and the boys said "next time can we have something more unhealthy?".

I was like "err, just eat the donuts?" and they said "donuts are healthy!".

I don't know what planet donuts are considered a health food... but I do kind of want to live there...

I have a bit of a book dilemma at the moment.

My sister left a book at our house last week that I decided to read (and then tell her she left it after I finished.. is that horrible?) and it was really odd but still totally intriguing and I read it all in two days... BUT the problem is that when I told her she'd left the book and I read it (at least I'm honest, no?) she said "oh, you can keep it... and I have the second book so I'll bring it over".

I was all "woohoo! I can find out what happens next" but then she brought the book over and I realised it's the book BEFORE the one I read.

So now my dilemma is this; read the book before even though I know what happens next (which, judging by the description is what the entire plot is based on) or just leave it until I forget... which let's be honest will never happen because even though I can't remember people's names, I can remember an entire book the second I pick it up again.

But tell me, what's happening in your world this week?
What's something you've been thinking about/wondering about/rambling about?
And what's the last great book you read or tv show/movie you watched?


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