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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Random Ramblings: Where NOT To Do Yoga

Well hey, you! 

Today I thought I'd skip the projects and, you know, productive stuff and share what's been on my mind lately. If you're new around here, you might have never seen one of these random ramblings posts before - and boy oh boy are you in for a treat 😉

Not really... or maybe really, I don't know. But nevertheless, welcome to the inside of my brain... complete with my random cartoons!

Here's what I've been thinking about lately >> 

When You're Reading a Scary Story and Someone Jumps

Okay, so I need to admit something. On Saturday I realised I am totally a scaredy cat. 

I was reading a horror book (is that what you call them? Let's go with it anyway) on Saturday night that I'd randomly found at home whilst I babysat on my own. Ziggy the giant 100 lb Weimaraner was on the floor next to me, the wind was blowing a gale outside and I was just at a suspenseful part when ZIGGY BARKED AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS AND MADE ME JUMP 2023402304 FEET INTO THE AIR. 

My heart was racing and I had to give up on the book because every time he jumped at a noise, I jumped too. I don't know who was more of a scaredy cat - me at the book or Ziggy being scared of the possums that are not even 1% of his size. 😜

Places where you SHOULDN'T Practice Yoga

I've also realised that I think horrible things... but there's a reason I think horrible things. 

I was walking around the park the other day and saw a girl standing on the edge of a rock, stretching (I was going to say cliff but that's totally dramatic... it was a rock that dropped straight down so maybe it is a cliff though?) and I thought OH MY GOODNESS SHE'S GOING TO FALL TO HER DEATH. 

Harsh? Potentially... but you see, I was only thinking that because if it was me standing on that rock and stretching, I probably would fall to my death. 

But at the same time... why the heck would you stretch on a rock which is essentially a cliff? 

Where is the logic in that? Sure it would make a good instagram photo so everyone can admire your serious yogi skills... but I didn't even see her taking photos of it - so she was risking her life and there wasn't even any glory to come out of it. 

Kids these days... 

But speaking of stretching.. and being active... I've realised I choose my outfits for Zumba quite strategically. 

Some people choose their activewear because it's cute and on trend... I choose my activewear based on whether you'll see my underwear through it when I squat... and whether it hides gross sweat marks. 

There ain't nothing cute about sweat marks, friends. 

But tell me, what's something you've realised about yourself lately? 
And what's your activewear choosing strategy? 


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