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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Random Ramblings: Tangible Friends and Cry Babies

You guyyyyssss. I have been so busy with work lately that any time I'm not working, my brain is just mush. 

I get to the end of the day and there's just radio silence up there in my noggin because my brain has totally called it quits. I mean, it probably has a right too... it's quite overworked at the moment - but I like to think of myself as a generous brain boss and it's not exactly underpaid as I feed it plenty of food and chocolate and good stuff. 

But with my brain being all mushy, I thought we could keep things simple with today's post and do things survey style. That way, you can pick a few things and ramble along with me. 

So let's get rambling >>

I was a terrible.... P.E participant in high school. P.E = Physical Education = Gym class for those who aren't sure. 

But really, I think every P.E teacher hated me because they knew I hated PE. I did maybe 5% of my actual P.E classes as I'd always either make up excuses or "forget" my sports uniform at home. 

The worst thing is, I was really good at making up excuses too because I'd tell my teacher I had an actual condition (like "oh sir, I really can't run today... you see, I'm dealing with sciatic nerve pain and running is just going to aggravate it") and that worked for a while.... until said teachers told me I had to get a doctor's note after like 6 months of constant "injuries". 

Yeah, Kristy... that will teach you for being a liar 😜

I could probably eat ____ every day... A lot of things. But if you're going to make me choose, let's pick three: chocolate, peanut butter and vegetables. 

I'm the weirdo who would happily eat bowl after bowl of roasted/steamed/fresh/whatever vegetables and not complain. Meanwhile my Mum sees vegetables as an "accessory" on her plate and won't eat them.... unless it's potato. 

I do a pretty mean... happy dance. Whenever i get really good news, I can't help myself. 

My happy dances even have a name... the "doody dance"... because for some reason I twirl around in a circle whilst dancing singing "doody doody doooooddyyy".

And um... yeah... if you still want to be my friend after that confession, I think we can be besties. 

I met my husband on.... MySpace. YEP! I know. You can read all about that here

I always cry when.... I'm frustrated or angry. I don't know how to be "mad".... I just cry like a little baby. It's actually kind of ridiculous. 

I also cry at anything related to babies, children, animals, small creatures, personal stories, the list goes on and on. I'm an emotional person and yet somehow I always have to "put on a brave face" when I'm upset as I don't want to upset others. Jesse calls is the "sunshine mask" because I can be super upset about something but when I have to go out or be around others, the sunshine mask goes on and everything is peachy until I get home again. 

At age 5, I was deeply in love with.... Barney... the purple dinosaur... and Baby Bopp. I was actually kind enough to give the Barney doll to my sister, however, Baby Bopp was pretty much my imaginary friend... only I must have known how crazy you look when you have an imaginary friend and decided to befriend a tangible object instead.

Baby Bopp went everywhere with us for a few months. She always had to be buckled into the middle seat of the car and she had to be able to see - don't you even think about letting her hat flop over her eyes! 

I was also deeply in love with baby dolls and Hanson... because my older god sister was in love with them and I pretty much worshipped the ground she walked on. 

But tell me, what were you in love with at age 5? 
Did you have an imaginary (or tangible) friend?
And pick one other prompt from the list and share with me!


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