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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Random Ramblings: Why Saving the Best For Last is Actually a Cover Up

I'm currently writing to you with rain pouring down outside my window and I can hear the raindrops falling into puddles. The sky is grey and dark and gloomy and I have a whole day of meetings in the city. Wonderful. 

I'm fine with rain, in bed, when I'm snuggled up in bed getting ready to sleep. But during the day? Rain turns me into a hermit crab. 

I hear it and I feel soggy. Instantly my mind remembers the last time I got soaked and I can feel my soggy socks inside my shoes, my shirt sticking to my stomach and that weird heavy feeling from the raindrops on my jeans. 

Sure, rain does wonderful things - but I think it's a bit gross when I have places to go, people to see and they probably don't want to see my looking like a drowned rat. 

But I digress....

I had a really great epiphany over the weekend. 

Jesse and I were in the car driving home from the shops when Jesse said "save the best for last!"... and then it hit me. 

Save the best for last was totally a phrase invented by a husband who forgot to mention his wife. 

He was all "I love beer, football, tacos, sleep oh and Jennifer...... save the best for last!" 

Internally he was like "YAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS! BEST SAVE EVER!" and his friends were all "HE IS A GENIUS!" and his wife, Jennifer, was all "ha! Isn't that cute" (actually let's be real, his wife probably knew that it was a desperate effort to dig himself out of the hole he was digging). 

Yep, I think I got it in one. 

But tell me, what's the last epiphany you had? 
And what kind of weather do you hate the most? 
And I want to say "all weather is lovely because it all has a positive side" but let's be real here people, I hope there's no miserable, overcast, rainy days in heaven.... unless there's also netflix and nothing else to do but binge watch supernatural over and over again 😜
And, whilst we're at it, what would your ideal day in heaven look like for you?
I said ideal so that doesn't have to mean realistic, friends 😉


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