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Monday, May 29, 2017

The Weekend That Was: Radioactive and Full to the Brim

Why hello, friends! I thought I'd share a little snippet of our weekend with you - and Trixie is all ready and waiting at the door to welcome you in. 

Our weekend started off pretty slowly with much of Friday evening spent snuggled up to the puppies and reading a book whilst Jesse was hanging out with some friends. 

I haven't had much time at all to read lately as I've been so busy so it was lovely to sit down and finish a book.

Oh and coffee was involved too... of course!

On Saturday morning we did something totally out of the ordinary. We went on a science tour at ANSTO - the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation.

We had "Nerdy Date" in our DIY Alphabet Dating Book and when we were driving to the Illawarra Fly Treetop Walk for one of our previous dates we'd driven past ANSTO and Jesse asked me what they do there - of which I had no idea about - so we googled and saw they had free science tours and booked in for the next available one!

It was actually really interesting - albeit a little bit of an information overload for this non-science girl.

The nuclear reactors they have there are low energy ones, solely used for research and the creation of nuclear medicine and changing silicone into what is needed to create computer chips and the like.

But, did you know the most radioactive foods are potatoes, bananas and brazil nuts? Don't stop eating them though - our bodies actually require small amounts of radiation (helloooo, sunshine!).

After we got home, Miss Chanel had a bath which she wasn't too pleased with (though she loves the attention).

I then pottered around the garden, tending to my compost bin and realised a few things; 

Number One: Our garden is seasonally confused. 

That tree was previously covered in beautiful Autumn leaves the other day (see here) but now it's bare (spare a few leaves here and there) and ready for winter.

Meanwhile, our Japanese Maple Tree in the backyard just woke up and realised it's Autumn and has only just now started to show signs of changing colours. 

But then the baby maple tree on the other side of the backyard is completely orange and fall-like. 

And whilst I was pottering around in the garden, I spotted these... 


My neighbour has a banana palm and this year they've got two huge bunches of bananas. 

I am totally jealous.... oh the things I would do for a banana tree full of delicious bananas. But I once wrote an article on growing banana trees and that seems all too complicated for my black thumb of a self. 

Speaking of black thumbs, I still don't know if my pineapple is actually growing... or if I'm completely fooling myself and have literally just stuck the top of a pineapple in some dirt and it's just not turning brown so I think it's alive. 

Who knows. 

My Mum is convinced it's grown... but I don't really know. 

Oh, and Trixie is still here.

If she's not on my lap or by my side, she's shadowing me and following me around with this cute happy face. 

Which is lucky, because it means I always have company - especially if I'm sitting in the sunshine eating lunch or reading a book. 

And whilst I was outside pottering around, Jesse was inside learning how to play the guitar.

Speaking of Jesse, this past week marked five years since we were engaged! Here is how it all happened.

Next year we'll be celebrating 10 years together, 5 years married and I can't really believe it's been that long! Weren't we just celebrating our wedding yesterday?

And yesterday we wrapped up our weekend with a very busy day at church! We had our church open day where we raised money for Waterworks and put on free activities for the community. There were way more people there than expected and we ended up running out of seats and bibles.

Jesse and I took the older kids and we had 27 crazy 12-14 year olds to wrangle 😜

We're so lucky to have an awesome church family - and to be able to serve alongside so many incredible friends! 

But tell me, how was your weekend? 
What do you wish you could grow in your garden? 
And, if you feel like it - tell me what you want to see more of on SIL with this anonymous survey!
I would love an avocado tree - and to grow carrots, blueberries, strawberries and green beans... and snow peas and celery and cucumbers (again) and the list goes on and on and on. Meanwhile, our veggie patch is pretty much a weed patch... weed as in the garden variety and not the illegal type... 


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