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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

10 Travel Products That Are Worth Buying

10 Travel Products Worth Buying - Travel Essnetials and Must Haves, Gift Guide for People Who Like to Travel, What to take on a long haul flight

With just 15 days before we head off to Hawaii, I thought now would be the perfect time to share some of my favourite travel products with you. There are gazillions of products out there that companies claim you HAVE to have - but I've rounded up my must haves and have come up with a list of 10 travel products that I think are totally worth purchasing!

So let me share them with you! >> 

This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

#1: A big scarf that can double as a blanket 
I don't get on a long haul flight without a blanket scarf or pashmina either on me or in my hand luggage. 

My other faves? This Cashmere Feel Scarf/Shawl from Amazon that comes in a huge range of colours and prints (and is only $15). It is huge, actually the size of a blanket, and I know it will be the perfect travel accessory for our night flight to Hawaii when I just want to get cosy and warm so I can fall sleep. 

#2: Essential Oils
Speaking of sleep, essential oils are my favourite sleep aid. I literally use them every single night. I recently ran out of the brand I had (Frisky Fish) and bought some Fabulous Frannie Essential Oils and I'm loving them. 

I always travel with a sleep aid (I'm currently using this one), a muscle blend (this one is perfect for when you're feeling sore and achey after travelling or overdoing it with your adventures) and a peppermint roll on for headaches (I never take painkillers for headaches because it works so well) 

#3: A Good Eye Mask
I don't know if I have big eyes or a weird shaped face but those normal cutesy little eye masks never work for me. Luckily we recently found these 3D Padded Eye Masks that are so comfy to wear and actually block out all the light. Jesse thinks they look like some kind of weird strapless bra, but who cares if you can sleep!

#4: A Travel Spray 
This is kind of gross, but whenever we fly for a long time (think 26+ hours when we travel to Louisiana), I always feel like my nose completely dries out from the dry plane air. Enter Flo. Not only does it stop your nose getting dry - it's also designed to wash away germs in your nose so you don't end up with a nasty bug that ruins your trip. 

#5: A Travel Wallet 
Whenever we travelled as kids my Mum always carried our passports and documents in a travel wallet - and I never really understood why until I started travelling by myself; it makes things so much easier. 

I have a big zippered travel wallet with plenty of spaces for our passports and travel documents so I have everything on hand. That way I have all of our car rental info, accommodation details, visa copies etc all in the one place and I'm not rummaging through my bag for my passport. Also, I always keep at least two pens in the wallet so I can fill out the entry cards when we travel overseas. 

#6: Durable Cases for Your Devices 
The last thing you want whilst travelling is a shattered phone or tablet screen. We don't even start to use our new phones until they have cases on them (either an Otterbox or LifeProof Case) because we know they're eventually going to get dropped - and to date (TOUCH WOOD!) neither Jesse or I have ever smashed our phone screens... and we drop our phones all the time. 

Do yourself a favour and buy one ASAP. It's so much cheaper than repairing your screen a dozen times or buying a new phone. 

#7: Noise Cancelling Headphones 
Whenever we have a long haul flight, noise cancelling headphones are a must for me. I've found that the constant hum of the plane totally messes with my inner ear and I end up with vertigo if I've fallen asleep for more than a few minutes. Vertigo is no fun and so far, it seems that noise cancelling headphones are the solution to that.

They also mean you can hear what you're listening to - and you can drown out everything around you. A win win! Get big padded overear ones like this if you want to sleep as they're so much more comfortable. 

#8: Compression Socks 
I have pretty woeful circulation and always have. It's better since getting acupuncture treatments but planes and my circulatory system are not friends and it only takes a few hours of me sitting on my butt on a plane to end up with achey legs. 

Compression socks like these are a travel must for me because they totally relieve that - even if we're travelling for 26+ hours. I usually pop them on once I'm on the plane and take them off once we've landed and I don't have to deal with that gross acheyness. They also reduce your risk of blood clots and DVT. 

#9: A Flip Belt 
I don't tend to use my FlipBelt on the plane - but I do use them once we arrive at our destination - particularly if we're hiking or at theme parks or attractions and I don't want to carry a bag. I also use them at home when hiking, running or walking. 

They're like a big tube of fabric with holes and zippered pockets to store your phone, money, keys, passport or whatever you like. We have the original version without zippers as well as the new zippered version which feels a little more secure. We also have a few sets of the FlipBelt Water Bottles for when we go hiking because they're so much easier to bring with us!

#10: A Local SIM Card 
One of the first things we do when we land in a new country is pick up a local SIM card. Whilst you can get global roaming on your phone from home, it's really not worth it if you're travelling for more than a week. We find a local SIM card with a call and data package to meet our needs to use whilst we're away. This means we can easily confirm reservations or check in with AirBNB hosts - and of course share photos and videos on social media with you all without worrying about trying to find WiFi. 

And there you have it!
Tell me, what are some of your travel essentials? 
And what's the longest time you've ever spent on a plane? 

This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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