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Monday, November 20, 2017

Men's and Women's Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Mens and Womens Christmas Gift Guide 2017 -  The Best Gift Ideas for Adults 2017

It's that time of year where you start to think about Christmas.

The decorations, the food, the festivities, the gifts - the list goes on and on. As always, I wanted to share some of my favourite gift ideas for the year with you. 

Like every year before, these are all gift ideas we use and love (and in the case of the kids' gift guide coming next week - things that our friends and family use and love) so that you can feel confident in your purchases this year. 

So without further adieu, 
Let me share our Christmas gift picks for 2017 with you! >>

Mens and Womens Christmas Gift Guide 2017 -  The Best Gift Ideas for Adults 2017

Ladies first, right? Here are my favourite gift ideas for Women this Christmas.

For the Boss Lady or the Organisation Queen: 
This Rose Gold Filofax is one of my favourite work day essentials. As it's refillable, it's a gift that will keep on giving as it can be used for years - and be customised to the recipient's needs.

RRP: $149.95

Buy It:
Online at Peter's of Kensington or Amazon (ships globally).
For the Hostess with the Mostess: 
Maine Beach's Mt Macedon Rose Collection has so many great gift ideas for ladies this Christmas. All of the products smell incredible and there are so many different options - from lip lustres to candles and even hand soaps.

RRP: Products start at $9.95

Buy It: Online at Cocco. 
For the Decor Diva: 
Rose Gold and Copper Accents are a must at the moment - and this Toki Askel Brushed Copper Silent Alarm Clock is a perfect addition! A perfect gift idea - and perfect for just about any space. Who says an alarm clock has to stay in a bedroom?!

RRP: Products start at $39

Buy It: 
Online at Purely Wall Clocks.
For the Socialite and Tech Diva: 
Keep in touch with your friends in style with Otterbox's new iPhone X cases. They have so many gorgeous colours and patterns.. including GLITTERY cases! This is not a drill, friends. We swear by Otterboxes (because we drop our phones all the time but have never had a screen smash thanks to these cases) and think they're worth every penny.

RRP: Prices from $49.95.

Buy It: 
Online at Otterbox or their Amazon Store.

For the Beauty Babe: 
We don't like to talk about it, but acne and blemishes are a giant pain in the butt. Luckily, Neutrogena have a new Visibly Clear Light Therapy Acne Mask to help you deal with it. I've been using it myself and loving it - even though it makes you look a little like an extra from Star Wars. It's your own personal LED Spa Treatment at home!

RRP: The starter kit is $69.99 with activator refills $29.99

Buy It:
Chemist Warehouse, Priceline and Amazon (for international readers).

For the Naturalista: 
I love my essential oils and use them for just about everything - but I'm not one of those bloggers who talks all day err'day about oils so you might not know it. I've recently discovered Epoch Essential Oils by NuSkin and love them! Their 10 oils kit would be a great group gift for someone wanting to start using Essential Oils as it has all the essentials.

RRP: Their oils start at around $33 per bottle and they also have kits and accessories.
Buy It: Online at NuSkin.

For the Queen of the Home: 
There's nothing better than getting into a bed with fresh, clean sheets - and there's no easier way to freshen up a bedroom that with a new quilt cover. We love Ardor Home's range - and currently have the Morocco on our bed.

RRP: From $119.95
Buy It: Online at Interfab.

For the New Mama: 

Give "Mum style" a whole new meaning with Storksak's range of beautiful nappy bags and travel bags. My picks for this year? The Storksak Travel range - featuring bags with unique fold away hanging systems to make travelling a breeze - and their Alexa Nappy Bag which has all the pockets and compartments you could possibly need - and looks stylish too!

RRP: From $59.99
Buy It: Online at Storksak.

For the Chef: 
I feel like microwaves are the most overlooked kitchen appliance. You don't see people raving about them like they do a Kitchenaid or Thermomix - but you probably use it more than anything else. The Whirlpool Crisp and Grill Microwave is a great big ticket gift this Christmas as it's not only a microwave - but a convection oven as well. Forget waiting for the oven to heat up and use your Crisp and Grill to grill, toast and bake instead!

RRP: $499
Buy It: Available from The Good Guys.

Mens Christmas Gift Guide 2017 -  The Best Gift Ideas for Adults 2017

For the Bearded Bloke: 
I'll be honest, I always thought beards were just an option for lazy men who didn't want to shave - but thanks to our friends, I've realised a perfectly groomed beared actually takes a whole lot of TLC. If you've got a bearded bloke in your life this Christmas, equip them with the tools needed for the perfect beard angles and groomed appearance with Milkman's range of grooming products and accessories

RRP: From $8.00
Buy It: Available online at Milkman Grooming Co.

When You Don't Know What To Buy: 
There will forever be that person on your gift list that you have no idea what to buy for. That's where HOYTS come in. HOYTS gift cards are the perfect gift idea for anyone - from the movie lover to the person who just seems to have everything. We love HOYTS for so many reasons - but especially because many of their "regular" cinemas now have recliners - so you have a HOYTS LUX like experience at a regular ticket price!

RRP: From $30.00
Buy It: Available online at the HOYTS Gift Store or at your local cinema.

For the Tech Guy: 
Everyone has a smart phone or a tablet these days - making techie gifts and accessories an awesome stocking stuffer. Belkin is one of our favourite brands for tech accessories. Their iPhone charger cables never break (unlike the actual iPhone cables that I tend to break in 0.00001 seconds) and they have awesome accessories like their Ultimate Pro Keyboard Cases that turn your tablet into a laptop.

RRP: From $29.95
Buy It: Available online at Belkin or at your local tech store (like Harvey Norman, JB HiFi etc). Belkin also has an Amazon store here.

For the Family Guy: 
One of my favourite things about Christmas when I was growing up was that we'd often receive gifts the family could play together. This year there are a huge range of board games available (see our list of recommendations here!) but there are two standouts for families who are a little bit sporty (and a whole lot competitive!). Test Match is a great game for cricket lovers (and a great blast from the past retro game - my Dad played it as a kid!) and Molkky is an awesome outdoor game that will keep everyone entertained for hours!

RRP: $59.95
Buy It: Available at all leading toy retailers. Molkky is also available online internationally here.

For the Entertainer: 
As you know, we're huge board game fans - and so are our friends. If you are too - check out our Ultimate Board Game Guide - but if you're looking for a select few? Our picks of the year have to be Spaceteam - the ultimate group party game - and Disturbed Friends... for seriously disturbed friends and plenty of laughs.

Want more recommendations? See our Ultimate Board Game Guide.

For the Gamer: 
It's no secret that Jesse loves video games. He would play them all day every day and never sleep if I let him - so he's the perfect person to ask for gamer recommendations. This year, his picks are Destiny 2 (adults only), Call of Duty WWII (adults only) and Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy (all ages - even I will play this game as I played Crash Bandicoot as a kid - and it's a remastered version of three of the most popular games)

Buy It: Available at all leading entertainment retailers and department stores. Games are also available on Amazon - Destiny 2, Crash and Call of Duty.

But tell me, 
How is your Christmas shopping going? Are you super organised and have everything bought/planned? Are you burying your head in the sand and denying that Christmas is coming? Or are you a last minute shopper?
I have my sister's Christmas gift sorted (as her birthday is today so I usually buy her birthday gifts and Christmas gifts at the same time), my Mama's Christmas gift (which doubles as Jesse and my gift as we're going horse riding - don't worry, she knows!) and just need to work out everyone else!

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