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Monday, November 19, 2018

The Best Christmas Gifts for Men This Year

Southern In Law's Men's Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Christmas decoration are filling the stores and if you listen closely, you'll probably hear Christmas carols played in shopping centres too - but don't panic!

Whilst Christmas is still a few weeks away, I want to take the stress out of Christmas shopping by sharing my Christmas Gift Guides for this year! I've already shared my Kids and Family Christmas Gift Guide and my Women's Christmas Gift Guide and this week, I'm covering gifts for the men in your life. 

So let me share our picks with you! >> 

Logitech Wireless Keyboard
Buy it From: Online from Logitech or Amazon (see below)
Available on Amazon? Yes! Find it here on or here on

For the tech loving guy, this wireless keyboard will be a huge hit! This Multi-Device Keyboard connects to any Bluetooth device so you can use it with your phone, iPad, laptop, smart TV, computer or anything else that has Bluetooth capabilities. It can be connected to three devices at a time and easily switches between each device with a single press of a button. 

Homedics Shiatsu Pro Back Massager with Heat
Buy it From: Online from Homedics or Amazon (see below)
Available on Amazon? Yes! Find it here on or here on

Note: this is a gift you'll probably want to share 😉 This Shiatsu Pro Back Massager combines shiatsu massage with soothing heat for ultimate relaxation. It's portable and can be used on any chair. Simply place it on the chair or lounge, plug it in, sit down and relax. 

JOCO Flask Water Bottle
Buy it From: Online from JOCO

JOCO are on a mission to reduce the world's use of plastic - and this water bottle is the perfect way to say goodbye to plastic bottles. A perfect stocking stuffer for every guy this year!

BenQ ScreenBar
Buy it From: Online from BenQ or Amazon (see below)
Available on Amazon? Yes! Find it here on or here on

This ScreenBar may just be our favourite product of the year. Both Jesse and my offices tend to be dark, which can lead to serious eye strain when you're spending hours working at the computer. This ScreenBar simply clips to the top of your monitor (or laptop) and plugs into a USB port. It has auto brightness sensors as well as temperature sensors so that it delivers the perfect light - and it's totally glare free! Seriously, if you spend a lot of time at a computer, BUY THIS!

Scrubba Laptop Sleeve
Buy it From: Online from Scrubba or Amazon (see below)
Available on Amazon? Yes! Find it here on

Laptops are an expensive investment. If you're like me, you probably treat your laptop like a precious little baby because you don't want the screen to crack or the computer with all your very-much-needed files to crash. In the past, whenever we travelled on planes, I was always super nervous that my laptop would be broken when we went through security screenings or when I would put my carry on luggage in the overhead lockers. 

This Scrubba Laptop Sleeve, however? Totally stress free. Not only does it over heaps of cushioning - it inflates to create a protective barrier so your laptop or tablet cannot be damaged. Check out their video to see it in action - it also doubles as a travel pillow so what's not to love?

Something from their Favourite TV Show from LatestBuy!
Buy it From: Online from LatestBuy

Jesse is a big Doctor Who fan (and so is my Dad), so LatestBuy's Doctor Who Merch is always a winning gift at Christmas time. If Doctor Who isn't their thing, they also have Game of Thrones Gift IdeasStar Trek Gift Ideas, Star Wars Gift Ideas and more!
Magnetic Dart Board and Bulls Eye
Buy it From: Online from BenQ

Jesse is always asking me for a dart board and whilst I'd happily buy one, we just don't have the room, so this Magnetic Dart Board was the perfect stocking stuffer! It'd be a great family gift for Christmas Day, too!
New Games from Activision
Buy it From: Online from Activision or Amazon (see below)
Available on Amazon? Yes! Buy them here on or here on

It's no secret that Jesse is a major gamer, so it's pretty much a given that there are video games wrapped and sitting under our Christmas tree. This year's top picks for Christmas? Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy and Spyro Reignited Trilogy (which we play together because I used to play both as a kid!) and Destiny 2 Forsaken Legendary Collection (Jesse and all of his friends' favourite game) or Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 for the hardcore gamer.

Scrabble 70th Anniversary EditionBest For Ages: 16+
Buy it from: All major toy retailers and Amazon
Available on Amazon? Yes! Find it here on

Scrabble is celebrating it's 70th Birthday with it's most stylish board yet! The 70th Anniversary Edition features a black board with gold letter stamping for a game you totally won't mind leaving on the coffee table.

Bookworm Gifts
Buy it From: Online from BookGeek

Got a man in your life who is a serious bookworm? Look no further than BookGeek! Their bookworm t-shirts are incredible quality and they have some great gift ideas and stocking stuffers. My top picks for guys? These library inspired boxer shorts, notebook for brainy geeks, bookworm socks and this library card unisex shirt.
Laser LED Ultra Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Buy it From: Online from Laser or in store at Big W

Whether you're at the beach, hanging out at a park or chilling out at home, this ultra portable bluetooth speaker can be used anytime, anywhere. The speaker lights up and changes with your music and has up to 6 hours of battery life! I spotted it at Big W this week for just $10 so it's the perfect stocking stuffer!
OtterBox Cases
Buy them From: Otterbox's online store or Amazon (see below!)
Available on Amazon? Yes! Get them here on or here on 

We will not use a new electronic device without an Otterbox on it first. When we get new phones, we order the OtterBoxes before the phones because otherwise we will not take the phones out of the box until we have a case. They have Otterboxes for just about every device you can think of - including tablets and iPads - so go check out the range here!

Otterbox Venture Cooler
Buy it From: 
Online from Otterbox or Amazon (see below)
Available on Amazon? 
Yes! Find it here on

don't just make phone cases! They also make rugged outdoor products that are perfect for camping, fishing and outdoor adventures.  If you're serious about camping or the outdoors, you NEED this cooler. Not only does it look great, it will keep ice for up to 14 DAYS. You read that right... 14 days. It's an outdoor essential that will be a perfect family gift or gift for the outdoor loving guy this year! Also be sure to check out their dry bags and other outdoor products.

Audiofly Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
Buy them From: Online from Audiofly or Amazon (see below!)
Available on Amazon? Yes! Get them here on or here on 

These Bluetooth Headphones deliver serious sound in the most comfortable way. Easy to connect to any bluetooth device and comfortable to wear, they're the perfect Christmas gift for any music lover - and come in three colours! They also have mic and audio control so you can use them to answer phone calls, play video games online or whatever you like!

Otterbox Universal Arm Band
Buy it From: Online from Otterbox or Amazon (see below)
Available on Amazon? Yes! Buy them here on

If you've got a runner on your gift list, this Universal Arm Band is a great stocking stuffer! The silicone flex cradle holds all smart phones and keeps your phone safe and secure whilst you smash your goals - not your phone screen 😉
But tell me, 
Who is the HARDEST person to buy for on your Christmas list? 
And when do you usually get your Christmas shopping done?

This post may contain affiliate links.

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