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Monday, July 22, 2019

UNBOXING: What's Inside The New Cricut Maker?

UNBOXING The Cricut Maker | What's inside the Cricut Maker, What Can You Make with the Cricut Maker

See what's inside the new Cricut Maker and learn what projects you can make with it with this easy video tutorial. A must read and see for beginners with tool and accessory recommendations, project ideas and more.

This is not a sponsored post, however, Cricut did send me a Cricut maker.

I love crafty things and always have. As a kid, I spent hours making canvas artworks and friendship bracelets. In high school, I used my free time to make hand-sewn plushies and fell in love with scrapbooking. Now, as an adult, I love a good craft projects and spend many weekends dragging Jesse through craft stores and hardware stores looking for materials for my next project. 

So, when I heard that Cricut had a new machine that had dozens of tools to allow you to work on a huge range of materials -  I needed to know more... and apparently you guys did too! 

When I first posted that my Cricut Maker had arrived on Instagram, I got so many replies from those of you who were either desperate for your own, wanted to know what it could be used for - or wanted to know how it differed from other Cricut machines.

And I thought.... what better way to tell you what comes inside the new Cricut maker than to show you.... and thus my first ever actual Youtube video was born... 

So let me show you (embarassingly/cringingly?) what's inside the new Cricut Maker >> 

As you'll see in the video, I totally made a few mistakes on the first project - but don't let my mistakes be yours!

The reason I had an issue was a simple one; my mats weren't loaded properly. When your mats are first out of the box, they will be a little bent. To help your machine load them properly, simply hold the mat lightly at the end to help guide it into the machine.

The second issue I had was that, at the time of making the video, a new Cricut Design Studio update was active that had a few bugs. That was quickly rectified by the Cricut team but was the reason that my laptop kept disconnecting/Cricut design studio kept telling me I had no internet connection. Since filming this video, I've had no issue with my Maker and have made dozens of projects already. 

One of my CAN'T RECOMMEND ENOUGH tips for the maker is to join a Cricut Group. If you're in Australia like me, I highly recommend joining Cricut for Australians and Cricut Fun in Australia as both groups will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and information - as well as project ideas. 

Easy Cricut Maker First Project - Smile Kite Card

But whilst my first project had a few mistakes, I've made a dozen others in the days (literally, this video was filmed last Tuesday) since then and I have a bunch of easy projects to share with you soon.

What Tools Should I Buy for the Cricut Maker

Wondering what other tools and accessories you should have? It really depends on what you're wanting to make - but I've broken it down into a few product recommendations for each type of project below. These are available online at craft stores and Amazon, as well as instore at Spotlight and other Cricut Stockists.
But I'm wondering. 
Are there any particular projects you'd like to see tutorials for or get free SVG cut files for? 
Let me know in the comments here, send me an email or leave a suggestion in this anonymous suggestion box if you're shy!

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