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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

How to Make Your Own Curious Easter Bunny Pots (An Easy DIY Easter Craft!)

Easy DIY Curious Easter Bunny Pots - handmade Easter gift ideas, place settings, placecards, homemade decorations, easter eggs, teacher gift ideas, classroom gifts

If you've been following Southern In Law for a while, you'd know I love a good project - and this Easter, I may have the easiest project of all for you!

These DIY Bunny Pots are perfect for kids, school teachers, friends and family this Easter and are a perfect way to make a little treat just that extra bit special.

Best of all? They take just minutes to make and will only cost a few dollars. Even if you're a crafting newbie, I promise you can make this! 

So let me show you how to make them! >> 

Monday, March 19, 2018

Recipe: Paleo Jam Filled Muffins

Healthy Paleo Jam Filled Muffins Recipe – gluten free, grain free, sugar free, healthy, breakfast, brunch, dessert, sweets

These muffins aren't pretty. In fact, I was taking photos of them thinking I should photoshop these lighter or something - and then I realised... NOPE. 

There's no photoshopping of food going on around here.
No weird photography techniques.
No lacquer or inedible food decorations.

Just food, as it looks out of my oven. 
No fuss, no fancies. 
Just really delicious food. 

Because I don't want you to see a photoshopped recipe, make it yourself and then think WHAT THE HECK HAVE I CREATED?!?! When it actually looks the way it should. 

Healthy Paleo Jam Filled Muffins Recipe – gluten free, grain free, sugar free, healthy, breakfast, brunch, dessert, sweets

That's like going on eHarmony, falling in love with a beautiful green-eyed supermodel and then finding out she's actually a gerbil.... like, an actual fuzzy creature. Not cool. (actually, that would be pretty cool if a gerbil could use a computer... but you get my jam)

But I promise you, these muffins aren't actually gerbils.. or supermodels - but they are really, ridiculously delicious.

They'll be a darker brown on the outside and kind of ugly - but it will be love at first bite.

So let me share my ugly but OH SO DELICIOUS muffins with you! >> 
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