Tuesday, September 16, 2014

SIL Style: Creating a Beach House Vibe in Your Own Home!

How to create a Shabby Chic Beach House Style Home - Beach Inspired Interior Design
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In our last SIL Style post, I shared my tips for creating your own Industrial Inspired Office Space, however, with summer fast approaching I'm dreaming of a beach escape - so I thought I'd share my tips for creating your own Beach House Paradise at Home! 

Whilst I love modern and industrial inspired interiors, I also love the shabby chic beach-house style and now is the perfect time to refresh your home with a beach inspired look! To me, beach houses are relaxing and tranquil - with crisp, clean colours and splashes of seaside blues.

But you don't need to be by the beach to have that look - you can easily recreate the tranquil, calming atmosphere of a beach house in your own home. 

So let me share my tips for creating casual beach chic interiors >> 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Recipe: Healthy Homemade Honey Vanilla Granola

I come from a long line of killers... cereal killers. It's bad, guys - box after box of cereal disappears in the blink of an eye - and if it's granola? It's gone in seconds

Good granola is expensive, however, so this cereal killing habit can get quite expensive. That's why granola was always a treat in the SIL house - until Kristy perfected the ultimate healthy granola recipe. 

Unlike store bought granola, this granola is refined sugar free, gluten free*, low fat and contains just five ingredients instead of thirty three unpronounceable ones.

It's also super cheap to make - we worked out that a big batch of this granola costs us around $3! You wouldn't even get a bowl of homemade granola in a cafe for that much! And you certainly wouldn't get the same amount of store-bought granola for $3.

I make a big batch of this every two or so weeks and the whole family loves it - it's crunchy, just perfectly sweet and delicious on its own or as a yogurt topping. Jesse likes his on top of yogurt with fresh banana whilst I like mine with cottage cheese, peanut butter, chia seeds and fresh strawberries or banana - but my Dad? He likes his straight up.

We like to keep things simple with this granola, however, you can add in whatever dried fruits, nuts or spices you like!

So let me share the recipe with you >>

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Six Sentence Sunday: 14th September 2014

 I really don't want this weekend to end as it's been so lovely - and even the weather has brightened up for us!!

Last night we had a Date Night at home with a deeeelicious gluten free dinner of roasted eggplant and zucchini spaghetti with feta (I have to re-make it and photograph it soon as it was incredible) followed by toblerone fondue with fresh strawberries and banana for dessert <3 

As always, we've had our lazy weekend time too - as well as workouts, delicious meals and adventures we've had lots of time to finish the last of Once Upon a Time Season 3!

I'm very much in love with this Spring like weather - here's hoping it sticks around!!

Breakfast this morning was one of our favourites - our Banana Bread Baked Oatmeal topped with a mix of peanut butter and coconut oil. 

I've got another busy week planned with lots of delicious recipes to share so I'm actually kind of excited for it to be Monday tomorrow - even though I wish the weekend would last a little bit longer!

But tell me, how has your weekend been?
What was the last date night you went on?
And what's your favourite decadent dessert?
Jesse originally asked me for regular chocolate dipped strawberries, however, I decided to take it up a notch as we had a block of Toblerone in the cupboard. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Recipe: Healthy Baked Pesto Meatballs

I'm not the world's greatest meat fan by any means... I don't mind eating it, but it has to be with something - you'll never find me chowing down on a big steak or piece of chicken because it doesn't interest me in the slightest. 

That said, these Pesto Meatballs certainly changed my mind about meat. These babies are delicious - and Jesse was shocked to see me eating them on their own because it's something I normally would not do. They're so full of flavour and they even have some hidden veggies ;) 

They're little bite sized balls of flavour and perfect for parties, snacks or for using in pasta or on rice. We made a quick little sauce by melting some cream cheese, adding garlic, herbs and a sprinkle or parmesan cheese and then mixing through the meatballs. Peeeeerrrrrrrfect

We've made this recipe using both chicken mince and turkey mince, however, we've yet to try it with beef or pork mince - but I'm sure they would work too! Just add a little more pesto so the meat doesn't drown out the flavour.

As well as having hidden veggies, this recipe is much better for you because they meatballs are also baked! There's no need to fry them in oil and get covered in oil splatters and there's no constant turning in a pan!

But let me give you the recipe for these meatballs! >>
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