Sunday, April 20, 2014

The True Story of Easter

This video was played during our church service this morning and Jesse and I thought it was so powerful that we had to share it with you. 

Our Easter has been fab. Jesse's eaten all of his Easter chocolate, we had a lovely morning with our friends at church and then had a movie afternoon at home! And now we're planning on watching Frozen after dinner!

But tell me, how have you spent your Easter? Or if you're in the Northern Hemisphere, what do you have planned for today?!

Six Sentence Sundays: April 20th, 2014

First of all, Happy Easter to all of you SIL Bunnies! We're just about to head off to church then we have a movie day planned at home. I hope you have a marvelous day filled with love and of course chocolate - and don't forget, today we remember the greatest gift we have ever been given - eternal life and forgiveness of our sins. He IS Risen!

This weekend has been exactly what I've needed, family, friends, God, rest and of course chocolate. 

I'm loving the fact that we have tomorrow off, then go back to work for 3 days and have another 3 day weekend! 

I surprised Jesse with an Easter Basket filled with his favourite things - chocolate (which has already been devoured), Starburst Candies, popcorn, beef jerky and a Marvel Comics Mug - it's pretty clear that I married a five year old ;P 

I have turned into a complete and utter bookworm and I've read about 12 books this week - next week I'm sharing my first book review of these books and I can't wait for you to read it! 

I've got lots of baking planned for the next week and I can't wait! Our fridge and freezer are already full as full can be, but that's okay ;P 

The cooler the weather gets, the more I remember how much I dread winter - please, someone, help me find an endless supply of the warmest clothes possible!

But tell me, sum up your weekend in a few sentences
And what's your favourite Easter Treat?
Also, are you a winter fan or are you a summer lover like me?
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Friday, April 18, 2014

Recent Things: Hot Cross Buns, Monkey Man and Lots of Snuggles

Recent Things in the Southern In-Law World

I feel like the weeks keep getting faster and faster and this week, being a short week, has been totally confusing! Our Friday routine is totally out the window today - we've just got back from Church and now I'm contemplating baking something!

Whilst it has been a short week, so much has happened so I've got lots to share with you! 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Recipe: Carrot Almond Cake

Healthy Carrot and Almond Cake Recipe - Gluten free, low fat, low sugar

You know, there's one big problem when it comes to making recipes up off the top of your head.... you then have to come up with a name. 

It's fine with the basic things... chocolate cake, banana bread, vanilla cupcakes... but when it comes to recipes that aren't like anything you've had before you get a little bit stumped

This was one of those recipes. I created it on a whim. I'd bought way too many carrots, Easter was fast approaching, I wanted carrot cake but didn't want cakey cake, I wanted to use almond meal but didn't want to make the usual recipes. 

It was one of my throw everything into a bowl, mix it up and pray over the oven hope for the best

And ohhhhhhhhhhhhh baby did I do better than best with this cake. In fact that reaction on the right was totally Jesse.

He took one bite and started nodding and I was internally screaming "SAYYYYYYYYYY SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!" and then he was "Well damn, you're pretty boss". 
We both decided it was one of the best cakes I've made in a while... but then we came to a dilemma... 

What on earth do we call it on the blog?!

Healthy Carrot and Almond Cake Recipe - Gluten free, low fat, low sugarSo we did what any normal person would do when they have to decide on a name for a cake - we sat down together and ate more cake (it was for research guys, I swear) and thought about ideas. 
Carrot Almond Torte? Fancy enough, but what makes a cake become a torte anyhow?
Flourless Carrot Almond Cake? The texture's right but when it uses a tiny bit of flour it can't exactly be called flourless. 
What did we settle on? Carrot Almond
Cake which totally doesn't do the recipe justice, but hopefully we convince you with pictures instead ;) 
This is a cake that is moist, delicate and tastes incredibly decadent and perfectly sweet whilst being
totally healthy.

It's a cake you'll want to serve your friends for afternoon tea or dessert because you
know they'll be impressed and want to know your secrets.

It's a cake that you actually may want to keep to yourself because it's too good to share.

It's a cake that you'll make over and over again because it's ridiculously simply and crazy delicious. 

It's a cake you'll want to make RIGHT now. So let me give you the recipe >> 
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