Friday, February 27, 2015

Recent Things: A New Addition, Avocado Obsessions and Childhood Dreams

 What a week, friends. Seriously! We have had something on every single day this week and I am so past exhausted! In fact, I'm quickly writing this post before I've got to rush off to an acupuncture appointment, then it's back home for a conference call, time to make dinner and quickly eat it before rushing off to Ignite tonight. But nevertheless, it's been a productive week and I've got lots to share with you!

So let's have a look at what we've been up to! >>

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Recipe: High Protein Peanut Flour Banana Bread

Healthy High Protein Peanut Flour Banana Bread Recipe - low fat, gluten free, healthy, high protein, sugar free, freezable recipe, freezer recipe

So lately I've been trying to eat more protein - and in an effort to do so, I bought protein powder. I've never bought protein powder because I've never found one I could actually eat with all of my allergies, however, I finally found one that I could have with no gluten, artificial anythings, stevia, etc etc. 

But it was disgusting. 

Alllll of the reviews raved about how brilliant it was and how smooth it was and how much better it was than regular protein powders and I was pretty confident it'd be a-okay.

But then I tasted it. 

And it felt like I'd just liked a chalk bucket. Obviously I didn't eat it straight out of the container - because then it'd have a reason to taste like chalk. I tried it mixed in smoothies, in oatmeal, in yogurt, in protein ice cream - and all I managed to do was ruin some of my favourite foods!

Healthy High Protein Banana Bread Recipe - low fat, gluten free, healthy, high protein, sugar free, freezable recipe, freezer recipe

I seriously don't know how people eat protein powder, however, I have a better alternative. 

I think it's safe to say I have a peanut flour addiction that's never going to end - but when you can make banana bread with 14 grams of protein a slice, why wouldn't you be addicted? Especially when said banana bread is full of peanut butter flavour.

Healthy High Protein Peanut Butter Banana Bread Recipe - low fat, gluten free, healthy, high protein, sugar free, freezable recipe, freezer recipe

This Peanut Flour Banana Bread is seriously ridiculously good and so simple to make - and ten thousand and sixty four million and three times more delicious than protein powder, so that's what we're sticking too. Eat it as is, top it with peanut flour or cream cheese, toast it, freeze it for a quick breakfast option when you're in a rush, make it into muffins - the possibilities are endless! 

So let me share the recipe with you! >> 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How to Make Your Own Bucket List {PLUS} Our Tips for Keeping Date Nights Interesting!

Lately we've been working on a bit of a different project. It doesn't involve paint or wood or tools or anything DIY like the projects we usually work on - we're actually working on putting together a bucket list!

I mentioned in our Recent Things post on Friday that we were heading out to see a comedy show on Saturday as it was something on our bucket list and I've been getting lots of emails and messages from you guys wanting to know the kinds of things we have on our bucket list and I'm always getting emails with requests for date night ideas, so I thought I'd combine the two and share how we created our own bucket list plus our tips for keeping date nights interesting!

Please note: This is a sponsored video

Travel & Adventures
I have always loved to travel and Jesse was bitten by the travel bug from his very first trip to Australia. So far, we haven't been on too many trips together, however, our bucket list contains lots of different adventures we hope to have in the future. 

The video above gets my brain swimming with ideas for all the different types of places I'd like to explore - rainforests, castles, mountains, rivers - you name it!

This year the big plan is to head over to New Zealand, however, we're also hoping to squeeze in lots of little weekends away to places across Australia as there's so much of this beautiful country we've yet to see. I love websites like Airbnb which give you the opportunity to stay in unique places in parts of the country you never would have thought of visiting before - and often Airbnb accomodation is far nicer than hotels (and you can often get a place with a full kitchen - perfect for this allergic to everything girl who would rather eat in!).

Some of the adventures on our bucket list include; 
  • Have a holiday in New Zealand (This year's overseas vacation!)
  • Going to Disneyland together (I am a Disney nut and have been to both Disneyland and Disneyworld multiple times so I cannot wait to share my favourite place with my favourite person!)
  • Take a vacation in a rainforest destination (This is pretty vague, but I love nature and have this dream of a rainforest vacation I'm longing to fulfill)
  • Stay somewhere in the Blue Mountains for a weekend
  • Have a "farm stay" experience
  • Head to the "outback" on vacation 
  • Take a relaxing beach vacation (Think hammocks, a good book, peace and quiet - a completely relaxing vacation is definitely what we need!)
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Go on a cruise 
  • Visit an outdoor church/chapel/cathedral
  • Experience a gospel church service (I'm talking a full choir gospel church!)
  • Visit Niagra Falls
  • Walk on the Great Wall of China
  • Stay in an overwater bungalow
  • Visit the Waitomo Glowworm Caves (seriously look at this and tell me you don't want to go RIGHT now!)

New Experiences & Unique Date Nights
I'm one of those people who wants to try everything at least once - so many of the things on our bucket list are things we've yet to experience. 

We also like to keep date nights interesting so a lot of these experiences are plans for future date nights. We can't go out to eat at a restaurant (due to my allergies & coeliac disease) so we make the most of the world around us and experience new things together!

Some of the new experiences on our bucket list include;
  • Go apple picking (As an obsessive apple eater this is something I've always wanted to do but always forget to do as Autumn rolls around - this year we've put reminders in our calendars so we don't forget!)
  • Go strawberry picking
  • See a Gold Class movie (I don't know why but we've never done this before so it's on the list!)
  • See a stand up comedy show (Done on Saturday night!)
  • Do the tree top walk at Illawarra Fly (We're currently debating on whether or not to also go ziplining - even though I'm terrified of heights I think the experience would be awesome!) 
  • Go to the drive in (This is something that's slowly becoming extinct so we're planning on heading to a drive in movie while we still can!)
  • Go to Putt Putt golf (I've never been putt putt golfing in my life and I've always wanted to - we're actually planning on doing this early next month with our lovely wedding photographer Lucie and her husband Alban!)
  • Go canoeing/kayaking together (This is something I did when I was younger and loved it so I really want to try it with Jesse!)
  • Go horseriding
  • Go 4 wheeling/quad biking on a beach (This girl who was terrified of four wheelers became obsessed with them in Louisiana :P) 
  • Go rock climbing
  • Go on a helicopter ride 

Projects To Do
One of our favourite things to do on the weekend is work on a project. We love DIY things so naturally there's quite a few DIY projects on our bucket list.

The projects on our bucket list include; 
  • Build a piece of furniture together from scratch (We've restored plenty of furniture pieces but we've never made something from scratch - I really want to build a cute side table from scratch so that may be our first project!)
  • Build a cubby house for our kids (This is obviously a long way off but it's been a dream of Jesse's for a long time so he requested it went on the bucket list so he never forgets)
  • Create a decor piece for our room (A canvas, a custom made frame - the options are endless!)

But once you have your bucket list - how do you actually make sure you tick things off?! For us, the biggest motivator is having everything written down - that way, we don't forget the things we want to do and we can record when we tick each item off. 

We have a
Bucket List Notebook from Mi Goals ($19.95) where I've written down each and every one of our bucket list items. As we complete each one, I use the inspiration section to stick in photos/ticket stubs etc so that we can remember what we've done!

You can see on the right how we filled out of Live Comedy Show page this weekend - I just added the ticket receipt (because they take your actual ticket upon entry - wah!) as well as some photos from the night!

But now, let's talk date nights! As I said above, a lot of these bucket list items will be used as future date nights/days. We've always had to be creative with our dates as we can't do the usual dinner and a movie (unless it's dinners at home followed by a movie) so we love keeping things interesting by doing different things together.

Our top tips for keeping date nights interesting are;

  • Think outside of the box
    Don't think a "date night" has to be your standard dinner and a movie or whatever you think a date night is supposed to be - get creative and use date nights/days simply as a chance to spend time together
  • Experience new things together
    I think there's nothing better than experiencing something new with Jesse so we love trying new things together and the times where we do something completely new and unexpected tend to be some of our favourite times together
  • Remember that you can have fun on a budget!
    I always hear people say "well, we can't go out on date nights because we can't afford it" - and that's totally not true! You can make a date out of anything - we've even had nights where we simply have a picnic in our backyard or at a local park or have an at-home movie night with snuggly blankets, microwave popcorn and an old movie from our DVD collection. Even a game night with your favourite board games is a cheap way to have fun together. 
  • Make date nights a regular thing
    It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and forget to take time out together. We tend to "schedule in" one date night a month, however, we're usually doing something each weekend if we don't have other plans - even if it's just something simple like making a delicious dessert together or having a movie night at home.

    For us, scheduling these date nights in is a must as our schedule is so busy. By making "us time" a priority we can organise things around our date nights to ensure we still get that time to spend together and not keeping pushing it back "next week". 
But I would love to know? 
What's on your bucket list - and how do you keep date nights interesting?
Share your ideas in the comments below so that we can come up with a big list of ideas to inspire one another!

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