Friday, November 28, 2014

Recent Things: How Does Your Garden Grow and Food Heaven

Recent Things in the Southern In-Law World

Why hello sweet peas! I don't exactly know where this week went as I think I left my brain somewhere on Monday and it hasn't quite caught up - let alone the fact that this is the final week of November?! 

First of all I want to wish all of you Americans a very happy thanksgiving! We're planning on celebrating Thanksgiving this Sunday with a little dinner at home with friends (with all the traditional recipes!) and Jesse cannot wait for my pumpkin pie. 

But let me tell you what we're been up to this week, there's lots to share! >>

Thursday, November 27, 2014

DIY: Christmas Tree Decorating on a Budget PLUS a DIY Christmas Ornament for the Kids!

Christmas Decorating on a Budget plus an Easy DIY Christmas Ornament for Kids - Snowman Handprint Ornament

It really feels like Christmas now! Our Advent Calendar is all set, our Christmas Lights are up we've been baking lots of Healthy Christmas Recipes and we have lots of fun events planned for the coming weeks (and Jesse's brother will be here before we know it!).

But you just can't have a Christmas-y home without a tree - right?! I loveeeeeeee Christmas decorations but Christmas trees have to be my favourite. I'm the one who squeals with delight when Christmas decorations start popping up in shopping centres (even if they do start in October - that's fine by me :P) and the one who begs Jesse to have "picnic dinners" by the Christmas tree - twinkling lights and all. 

I'm also very particular when it comes to Christmas tree decorations. There has to be a theme and it has to match - and pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase do not try and touch my tree with tinsel (tinsel gives me the heebie jeebies!). 

This year, we decided to show you how you can create an incredible tree (and super cute DIY decorations) on a budget - because Christmas shouldn't cost you the earth! Together with our friends at The Reject Shop, we've created a gorgeous Christmas tree for under $100!

In fact, the tree, lights and all of the decorations only cost us: $94.50

Let me show you how we created our tree on a budget - as well as show you our super cute DIY Snowman Ornament! >>

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

SIL Sisters in Christ: Jesus Raises the Dead

I'm currently writing this on my phone as I've tried all day to write a post on the computer with no luck - so let's hope there's no awkward autocorrect mistakes as I am desperate to talk to you about this week's Sisters in Christ reading!! You'll have to excuse the lack of pictures and prettiness but luckily the gospel doesn't need any sparkles or graphics because it is SO incredible as is!

This week we're looking at John 11. In this chapter, we read another "stand out" story of the Bible. What do I mean by that? Well, whilst the entire bible is incredible in itself, there are certain stories and teachings that people tend to remember - and one of those stories we read here, when Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead. 

I saw it in my youth group kids a couple of weeks ago. We were acting out this very scene from John 11 - but the kids already knew exactly what was going to happen next as they'd remembered the story after being told it months before. Now, they're bright kids but really, kids tend to remember more about boogers and celebrity gossip than Bible stories - but this one stood out to them. Sure they can mumble off the fruit of the spirit and give you a cliff notes version of the gospel, but this was one of the few stories they could really remember. 

Why? Because it's pretty remarkable! Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead. Lazarus was dead for four days and Jesus says to him; "Lazarus, come out!". The dead man walks from the tomb with his hands and feet still wrapped in sheets of linen and the cloth still covering his face. He was a man waiting to be buried - but Jesus gave him life! 

But there's more to the story than that! You might remember that Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead - but have you taken the time to really take in the entire story and think about what it means? 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Recipe: Secretly Skinny Ginger Cookies

Secretly Skinny Ginger Cookies Recipe - Healthy Christmas Cookie Recipes, Healthy, Low Fat, Gluten Free, Low Sugar, Skinny Recipes, Gingernut Biscuits, Ginger Biscuits, Home made

Most of the time, when it comes to creating new recipes - it's my family who chooses what to make (or whatever is currently in the fridge and pantry!).

You see, my brain is so full of recipe ideas that when it comes time to making something, I never know what to make! I want to make cookies but I haven't made cheesecake in a really long time.. oh but chocolate cake is always a winner - wait, I have those new cupcake liners that would be perfect for cupcakes but hold on, what about cake pops or savoury recipes... I never do savoury recipes - but everyone loves breakfast don't they?

My brain is a flurry of ideas and I'm terrible at making decisions.

Healthy Ginger Cookies Recipe - Healthy Christmas Cookie Recipes, Healthy, Low Fat, Gluten Free, Low Sugar, Skinny Recipes, Gingernut Biscuits, Ginger Biscuits, Home made

Recently we've been working on Christmas recipes and I was trying to figure out what I wanted to make next when my sister said; "Hey Kristy, that tin would be perfect for ginger cookies - those snowball cookies were awesome but can you make me some ginger cookies please?!"

And ginger cookies it was!

Gluten Free Ginger Cookies Recipe - Healthy Christmas Cookie Recipes, Healthy, Low Fat, Gluten Free, Low Sugar, Skinny Recipes, Gingernut Biscuits, Ginger Biscuits, Home made

I set to work to create the perfect ginger cookies for my sister. They needed to be soft, yet have slightly crisp and crunchy edges, have a delicious ginger flavour that was perfectly balanced with cinnamon for that Christmas-y flavour, be easy to make and perfect for gifting - and I wanted the house to smell like Christmas once they hit the oven. In true SIL style, they also had to be gluten free and healthier too!

I managed to create exactly that and more and we've been obsessed with these Healthy Soft Ginger Cookies ever since! You really cannot tell they're lower in fat or sugar or gluten free because they are seriously, ridiculously good!

So let me give you the recipe! >> 
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