Saturday, October 25, 2014

Recipe: Banana Ricotta Breakfast Bread

Healthy Banana Ricotta Breakfast Bread Recipe - low fat, gluten free, sugar free, egg free, healthy

We're kind of obsessed with banana bread. It's not a new obsession either - I've always been a banana bread fan and as soon as Jesse found out that I made banana bread from scratch, he's been obsessed ever since. 

Bananas are always in our fruit bowl and we always buy more than we need so that we can whip up some sort of banana filled baked good every couple of weeks. 

But whilst I love our Ultimate Healthy Banana Bread Recipe and our Healthy Paleo Banana Bread, sometimes I just want something a little heartier for breakfast - and that's where this Banana Ricotta Breakfast Bread comes in!

Gluten Free Banana Ricotta Breakfast Bread Recipe - low fat, gluten free, sugar free, egg free, healthy

This Ricotta Banana Bread will fill you up and give you the energy needed to start your day  without all of the fat and sugar or a traditional banana bread. It's full of texture with the oats and is super moist thanks to the bananas and ricotta.

I like this bread topped with peanut butter whilst Jesse prefers his toasted with butter - but you can eat it however and whenever you like!

But let me give you the recipe!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Recent Things: Our New Addition, Christmas Craziness and Pecan Pie!

 Well hey, friends! We've had a veeeeeery busy week as always (where does one get a secluded beach vacation when they need one? :P) but it's been filled with friends, fun and lots and lots of fun. 

We're in full Christmas prep mode and I've been working on lots of yummy recipes to share with you all! But let me give you a peek at our week!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

SIL Sisters in Christ: Jesus is the Bread of Life

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I don't think you realise just how many hours we spend eating.... 

A quick google search told me that the average person spends around 35,000 hours eating in their lifetime. 

We eat, then just a few hours layer we're hungry again - but in John 6 Jesus offers us food that will satisfy our hunger forever. 

It's not the latest diet fad and you can't find it in a grocery store - it is only found in Jesus. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How our recipes get from brain to blog!

I am always getting emails or questions from people asking me how on earth I can come up with new recipes all of the time to put on the blog – so I thought I’d give you guys a little look at how our recipes get from brain to blog. It involves a whole lot of notebooks and pen scribbling and random bits of paper tucked in here there and everywhere – but here it is!
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