Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Recipe: Healthy Baked Pretzel Chicken Tenders

Healthy Baked Pretzel Crusted Chicken Tenders - healthy homemade fast food recipes, gluten free, low fat, clean eating friendly, baked chicken nuggets, healthy fried food

They say that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach... and that's certainly the case with my husband. 

You see, I married a man who remembers movies by the foods featured in them. Who considers himself a little bit of a food critic and who can never say no to his favourite sweets - even if his stomach is bursting at the seams. 

I also married a man from the South. A man who grew up on fried foods. A guy who probably had oil and grease running through his veins

So what happens when a Southern gentleman marries a gluten free healthy living blogger from Sydney? Well, that girl just has to show off her culinary prowess ;) 

Healthy Baked Pretzel Crusted Chicken Tenders - healthy homemade fast food recipes, gluten free, low fat, clean eating friendly, baked chicken nuggets, healthy fried food

This Pretzel Crusted Baked Chicken Tenders Recipe was one of those times were I was definitely flexing my culinary muscles. When you marry a guy who lived off fast food for 20 or so years, you have to know that he's going to crave it every now and again. 

But instead of sending him off to the closest golden arches, I decided to come up with my own healthy fast food recipes so we could enjoy the meals together - and so they didn't necessarily have to be once in a blue moon treats. 

They're quick and easy to make but taste absolutely delicious! Whilst we have a bunch of different healthy chicken nugget recipes/crumbed chicken recipes, this is currently our favourite!

So let me share the recipe with you! >> 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Sweetest Picks for Valentines Day

The Sweetest Picks for Valentines Day - Valentines Gift Guide Australia 2015 - Gift Ideas for Husband Boyfriend Partner

Valentine's Day is just a week away! We've rounded up our sweetest picks for your sweetheart in a short but sweet Valentine's Day Gift Guide just for you!
  1. For the Memory Maker; 
    This Heart Shaped Collage Photo Frame from Bowery
  2. For your Sweet-Art; 
    This Feathers in a Heart Framed Artwork or a loved up Canvas Wall Art Print like this Watercolour Heart Print
  3. For the Heart Racer; 
    The TomTom Spark Cardio (or TomTom Spark Cardio + Music)
  4. For the Tech Lover; 
    The Telstra Essentials Tab
  5. For the One You Think About All The Time; 
    A clock from Bowery (we have this Vintage Gold Leaf Table Clock and LOVE it!)
  6. For the Water Babe; 
    The AQUAJAM AJ2 Waterproof Speaker
  7. Wood You Be Mine?; 
    My pick for the gentleman is anything from Woodfolk for your lady! I have the Natural Wood Pear Drop Necklace and love it (and can't wear it without people asking where I got it from!)
  8. For the One Who Makes Your Heart Race; 
    The TomTom Bandit Action Cam (this is how we filmed our New Zealand Videos - as seen here). 
  9. The Failsafe Options; 
    Candles! You can never have enough good quality candles (even Jesse now shares my obsession). Our picks are this Ecoya Set (the sweetpea & jasmine is AMAZING) or if you want to go flameless, how about Carrara Marble Look Wax Flameless Candle.
  10. For the One Who Lights Up Your Life; 
    Heart Shaped Marquee Light - perfect for giving your bedroom a romantic glow and chic look!

But tell me, will you be celebrating Valentines Day?
What's one gift that you'd love to be treated to right now? 
I'm always pretty practical when it comes to gifts, however, I can never say no to a massage treatment voucher :P 


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