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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Goodbye Google Reader

Goodbye Google Readers - Pros and Cons - Alternative RSS Feed Readers

I don't know about you, but until yesterday... I was still using Google Reader. I was in denial. However, we can't be in denial any longer - Google Reader is about to die.

But don't worry! I've got three solutions that may be even better - and so you don't waste your time, I've added the pros and cons so you can choose which will work best for you!

Feedly Pros and Cons - Review


  • Easy to use
    I love that Feedly has lots of different settings to sort your feeds - from Oldest to Newest, Unread First and you can also mark different posts as read - from mark all posts as read, to only marking posts that are older than one day or one week as read.
  • Different Formats
    You can choose a collapsed layout, magazine layout (which gives you an image and a short preview), timeline (lists your posts according to the day they were posted), cards (organises your posts into a 3 across layout where you see an image and text preview) and full articles. 
  • Easy to add new blogs
    You can add new blogs really easily - search by blog URL, title or #topic

  • #topic tags are a bit confusing
    You cannot add a #topic tag to your own blog, so you can only really find extremely popular blogs under each of the different topics - and more often than not, it will give you a link to a website rather than a blog.
Feedly is probably my preferred reader of choice after Google Reader - so definitely give it a try! 

BlogLovin' Pros and Cons - Review

  • Easy to subscribe to your favourite blogs
    BlogLovin' makes it easier to subscribe to your favourite blogs - either using their search function - or through a link each blogger can add to their website. You can subscribe to Southern In-Law on BlogLovin here.
  • Easy to read
    The layout is very similar to Google Reader in that you can expand/collapse posts, mark as read, keep unread
  • Recommendations
    BlogLovin' gives you recommendations, just as Google Reader did, for blogs similar to those you already follow. There's also a "Top Blogs" and "Up and Coming" blogs section to find new bloggers to follow. 
  • No search function within posts
    Whilst you can search for blogs - you can't search within the posts of those you already follow. 
  • App Available!
    Super easy for reading on the iPhone/iPad etc. 
  • No oldest to newest button 
    I like to read my posts from the oldest to the newest - that way you're not reading Blogger Y's birth story before you even read the post that she's pregnant! (Though that would be a long time between posts, haha).
  • Favourited/Starred Posts aren't transferred
    Whilst BlogLovin' does have a "liked posts" section, it doesn't copy your old starred/favourite posts from Google Reader into this section and you lose all of those posts.
  • You guys have had trouble!
    I've had a couple of readers email me that they couldn't find Southern In-Law on BlogLovin' as they were searching for www.southerninlaw.com and the blog is registered on BlogLovin' under www.southerninlaw.blogspot.com - if you search "Southern In-Law" this won't be a problem but it is still annoying.
Feedspot Pros and Cons - Review
  • Same look and feel as Google Reader
    I like that you can organise your posts from oldest to newest, mark certain items/all as read, keep certain items unread and categorise different blogs into folders. 
  • Keeps your favourite posts
    I often "star"/favourite posts that I find interesting so I can read them later - and I was worried I'd lose all of my previously starred/favourited posts once Google Reader closed - but not with Feedspot. 
  • Where do I add a new feed?!I can't figure out where to add a new feed! It's only new so perhaps they haven't added that function yet - but for now I'm stumped!
  • No search function
    Often time when I'm looking for information on something or wanting to find a blog post I've read before, I use the search function of Google Reader to find it. Feedspot only have a search function if you upgrade to their "Gold Member" status.
  • Not entirely free
    Whilst the basic stuff is free - they do have a "Gold Member" status where you get additional features. Feedspot Gold is US$1.99-$2.99 per month and gives you the search function, updates feeds more regularly and more features that are coming soon.
  • No App yet
    I often read blgos whilst I'm away from the computer - whether it's on my iPhone or iPad and not having an app means I can't do that easily. Perhaps they will launch one soon? 
  • No link for blog readers
    I can't find where to get a link for you guys to subscribe to Southern In-Law on Feedspot - and as I also don't know how to add a new feed, that's a problem for me! I want to be able to subscribe to my favourite bloggers quickly and easily!

Other ways to follow us!
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So tell me, what are you using instead of Google Reader? 

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