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Friday, June 28, 2013

Where oh where is Kristy?

Did you ever watch Bear in the Big Blue House when you were a kid? I know, I'm a little bit old for Bear in the Big Blue House, but you have to remember I had a sister 3 years younger than me - and she was obsessed with Bear. 

Everytime I hear "where oh where" I always start singing that song in my head - and truth be known, when Nelly goes missing around the house we sing "Where oh where oh where is Nelly.." 

But back to the title - where is Kristy. The answer is, still here - just running around like a headless chook. My lack of posting lately is because I haven't time to even think to myself - let alone post anything. If I'm not working my butt off in my business, I'm running here there and everywhere - or I'm chasing up reception venues. Pair that with super slow internet that won't let me upload photos - and you've got yourself in a pickle!

Yep. The reception hunt is still on - and I have a new Wedding Frustration to add to the list. 

As you lovelies know, I'm a coeliac. Jesse would like us to have an entirely gluten free wedding so there's no risk of me getting sick - however I'm open to just having gluten free options if needs be. ]

So of course, when enquiring about venues - asking about gluten free options is mandatory. But imagine my shock and horror when I got this response from someone yesterday... 

Kristy: "Do you have gluten free options at all - I'm a coeliac myself and many of my guests also have allergies or intolerances"
Venue Owner: "Well yes we do, however, we cannot guarantee they are gluten free... so since you're the bride and you don't want to get sick... I wouldn't suggest eating during your reception". 
Kristy: "Ohhhhkay. Right. Well do you allow for external catering at all, since you can't provide gluten free options?" 
Venue Owner: "No, we do not"
Kristy: "Right. So you're basically saying myself and any other gluten intolerant guests need to sit around whilst everyone else ate at the reception?"
Venue Owner: "Well you wouldn't want to get sick"

Angry Child
There's no surprise that I hung up right then and there. I was livid. Yes, I am a coeliac - but that does not mean I need to miss out on everything - especially not one of the biggest days of my life. 

I'm actually quite shocked to discover how difficult it is to find good gluten free options at different restaurants and venues - you'd expect that with such a high incedence of food intolerances and allergies, these chefs would be more knowledgeable. 

We have the team at DARE on standby to cater our wedding with their delicious gluten free food - however, we haven't been able to find a venue that allows for external catering. Or if we have - they've either been booked, way too expensive (I'm talking $12,000 just for a room) or too far away. 

So understandably. I'm stressed. We can't even finalise our invitations because we don't know where our reception will be - and the wedding is just 106 days away. 

Jesse and I are at the point where we're seriously considering knocking on people's doors and asking to borrow their homes in exchange for free food, alcohol and fun. 

So tell me, what was your favourite show as a kid? 
Totally changing the subject, but totally needed! 

As a kid, I loved watching Pepper Ann and Recess before heading off to school in the morning. I was also a big fan of Out of the Box, The Saddle Club and way too many other shows. I hated Ren and Stimpy, however, as my Uncle loved it and I thought they were so gross!

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  1. I still cannot believe that ANY place that serves meals can't offer gluten-free choices. Just ridiculous.

    Have you looked at halls, operated by local councils or churches? They usually have a basic kitchen which caterers can work with. We got married when dinosaurs still roamed the earth ;) but that's what we did. We hired a hall from the council, which came with tables and chairs. We hired caterers who also provided all dishes, cutlery and tablecloths. We had to get a liquor licence, but that wasn't difficult - and we got free glasses (hired) from the bottle shop where we bought all the beer and wine. We found a band, did the table decorations ourselves, and while it was quite a lot of work to set up on the morning of our wedding, both our families pitched in to help and it all went perfectly.

    Things may be different now, especially with the liquor licensing, but it's maybe worth looking into?

    1. How crazy is it! Apparently they only do "gluten free options" for those who just don't want to eat gluten - not those who actually get sick because it's too easy to contaminate.

      I have looked at halls - but they've had a lot of hoops to jump through. A lot of the halls we look at either had a limit on times, guests or wouldn't allow us to bring in decorations/caterers etc.

      The only issue is, as we're getting married early in the day - we really need to set up the night before and that's proving to be a problem!


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