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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Best Makeup for Sensitive Skin

How to choose the best makeup for sensitive skin

All over the internet, there are a million and one recommendations for different beauty products - from the most expensive to cheap grocery store brands that work a treat - but what's really important?

Like with diet and exercise and everything else, it's important to choose the best makeup for you.

For me, that's makeup that is gentle on my sensitive skin and won't clog my pores and cause breakouts (a big problem for me when it comes to makeup). 

I've received quite a few emails from readers looking for the best makeup for sensitive skin - so, together with Conscious Cosmetics, I've decided to share some unique products that I think you'll love. 

All of the products at Conscious Cosmetics are free from any toxic ingredients that could potentially harm your skin - and they personally safety screen every single product before it is sold on the website. The ingredients list of every product is also listed so that you can be sure of what you're putting on your skin. 

Conscious Cosmetics ReviewNot only are the products made with safe ingredients, Conscious Cosmetics also look to align with brands that are eco-friendly and have sustainable manufacturing processes - with preference given to brands that are Australian made. Vegan readers, you'll be happy to know that many of the brands on Conscious Cosmetics are vegan friendly and they are all certified free from animal testing!

Products on the site are free from many nasties, including talc, parabens, bismuth oxychloride, fragrances, mineral oils, fillers and GM ingredients. Many products are also Vegan, Certified Organic, Halal and Cruelty Free - and all products are listed to let you know!

Also, because everyone loves bonuses - each order comes with a free sample and is wrapped by hand! (and the wrapping is so cute you'll feel like it's your birthday!) 

But let's get onto the good stuff - The Best Makeup Products for Sensitive Skin as used by me!

INIKA Liquid Mineral Foundation - Beige- Makeup ReviewLiquid Foundation for Sensitive Skin - 
I'll be honest - when I first put this foundation on, it felt quite odd. It was quite sticky and definitely had a different smell - but once it dried, all of that uncomfortableness went away and it felt like I had nothing on. The stickiness is due to the aloe vera juice that the foundation uses as a base - rather than oil clogging oil or a water base that quickly wears off. 

One problem I have with many liquid foundations is that they dry your skin out, however, I found that the INIKA Liquid Foundation actually moisturised my skin - and definitely didn't cause any skin sensitivity. 

INIKA Mineral Foundation - Nuture - Makeup Review
Foundation for Sensitive Skin - 

I always use a liquid foundation and then a powder to blend everything together and get rid of any 'shine'. The INIKA Mineral Foundation acts as a concealer, foundation and powder in one so you can actually use it on it's own. 

I find it gives the best coverage when used in conjunction with the liquid foundation, however, when I just need a little bit of coverage, I use it on it's own. I love that the foundation also has an SPF15 guard to protect your skin from the sun - especially as I already use a SPF moisturiser as a base. 

I like that the INIKA Foundations don't cause acne breakouts whatsoever - and they don't feel like you have makeup on. I've tried some makeup products that just feel heavy - and that's not enjoyable at all. I find that the INIKA makeup stays on as long as other makeups I've tried and rarely needs reapplication. 

At the moment, all orders of the INIKA Mineral Foundation also come with a free Kabuki Brush for the best application. There are 8 different shades available so that you can pick the right colour for your skin type - and Conscious Cosmetics has free samples available so you can be sure you're ordering the right shade!

Zuii Organic Mascara
The Mascara Every Woman Should Have

It's safe to say that our eyes are on of the most important parts of our body, right? Without them we'd have quite a bit of trouble. So why do we often use mascaras that are full of harmful ingredients?

I know what you're thinking - an all natural, organic mascara couldn't possibly give you the lashes that your Maybelline does or the length your CoverGirl mascara does - and don't worry, I was thinking the same. 

I can safely assure you that your lashes will have length and volume using this mascara - and I love it! I often have issues with mascaras smudging over the course of the day - and I have no problems with this one! Double win!


Kristy - Southern In-Law
So there you have it, your makeup basics that will ensure you skin is happy and you look amazing too. I have had absolutely no problems with skin sensitivity, breakouts, dryness or itching and I love how the makeup looks and feels on my skin.

Make sure you check out the Conscious Cosmetics websites to have a look at their products - they have everything from toothpaste to moisturiser to men's products (which I need to look into for Jesse!)

But tell me, what are your makeup essentials?
I'm really simple - foundation, powder, mascara and lip gloss - plus a shimmery gold toned eyeshadow for special occaisons. 

This is a sponsored post.  As always, all opinions are her own and have not been influenced  by the company in any way. 

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  1. Absolutely agree!! I have found Inika foundation and mineral powder to be fantastic! I ran out of the powder and used NUDE by nature and broke out the next day. The ingredient which was different was Magnesium Stearate! I have never tried the mascara but will be. I have been using Physicians Formula - Organic wear, but I do have to be careful with smudging. Will definitely try ZUII. What eye shadow do you use?

    1. I use the ZUII Mineral Eyeshadow in Copper Crush and it's perfect - just enough shimmer without being too dramatic for everyday use!

    2. Thank you - must give it a try.


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