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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Getting to know you

A is for age.   
I am currently 19, turning 20 in August.
Find the recipe here
B is for breakfast today.  
This morning I had one of the baked banana oatmeal bakes I posted on Sunday. I heated it up in the microwave then topped it with lots of PB and cinnamon - the ultimate breakfast for a cold morning! (or any morning, really)

C is for current craving. 
At the moment, water. Odd, I know - but for some reason I just can't get enough today.

D is for dinner tonight
Tonight I'm thinking I'll have some avocado quinoa topped with parmesan cheese and a salad on the side. My avocado quinoa is one of my favourite dinners, it's so good that I even got a very skeptical Jesse and my fussy sister to love it too!

E is for favorite type of exercise
I don't really do any heavy exercise, just walking. I love walking through the big park by my house and enjoying how beautiful it is there. At school, I used to do yoga and loved it, but I'm not too sure about taking a yoga class on my own.

I am definitely not scared of this little munchkin, my fur baby Chanel    .

F is for irrational fear.  I'm scared of dogs. I have two beautiful pups, but most other dogs scare the heck out of me until I get to know them. Jesse experienced this first hand while I was in Louisiana, as three dogs without leashes came running up to us barking when we were walking past and I squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezed his hand like mad and then switched sides so he was closest to the dogs. I know, I'm so lovely - but I was scared!
G is for gross food. 
Hm. My food intolerances restrict what I eat so much that there isn't a food I can eat that I think is gross. I really don't like eggs though, even as a baby I would spit them right back at my parents - they smell bad, feel gross and are just plain yuck, in my opinion! Though I am okay with eating them when they're in something like baked goods.

H is for hometown. 
Sydney, Australia.

Katrina, Jesse and I on Christmas Day

I is for something important.
My family - fiance and soon-to-be-in-laws included. I really believe that family should always come first. I'm so lucky that Jesse has become a part of my family and now I have become a part of his.

J is for current jam
Hmm... at the moment I don't really have a favourite song. But I can tell you that I really dislike anything by one direction. I will turn the radio off as soon as one of their songs come on (which is like every 3 minutes!). There's only one direction they should be going and that's off the radio.

K is for Kids
None as of yet, but some day in the future there will be. For now I just have a fur baby.

L is for current location. 
Oatley NSW, Australia.

M is for the most recent way you spent money. 
The most recent way I spent money was on presents!

N is for something you need.  
Hmm. I need warmer winter clothes, I'm freezing and can't seem to find anything that's nice looking, warm and in my size.

O is for occupation. 
I am a photographer, freelance writer and nanny! How about that for differing jobs :P

P is for pet peeve. 
Pet peeve... hmm. I don't like food pushers. Having so many food intolerances and being thin, people often think that I'm making it up or doing it because it's "trendy". Some people don't accept when you say "Oh no thank you, I can't eat that because I'm intolerant/have coeliac disease" and will instead tell you that you are going to eat it because "one time won't hurt". 

Let me tell you, it only takes one tiny bit of food to make me sick as a dog for multiple days at a time. I once accidentally ate a handful of gluten-filled puffins rather than my gluten-free ones and I thought I'd be fine seeing as I'd only eaten a few - but for the next few days I really paid the price for my carelessness.

Q is for quote.
When I'm having a rough day and feeling gross, I remind myself "I am as my creator made me and since He is satisfied, so am I" - Minnie Smith

Some "bearskimos" I made for Jesse's four nieces before going to Louisiana

R is for random fact about you
Random fact about me... I make plushies for fun! I hand sew them, design the patterns myself and love giving them as presents to friends and family. I've thought about selling them, but haven't gotten around to that yet.

S is for favorite healthy snack
Hmmm... it's hard to narrow it down to one! I always have a freezer full of muffins, homemade protein bars and other baked goods for quick snacks and desserts. Almost all of my snacks involve nut butter or nuts in some shape or form - and if it's not that, they usually involve cheese, haha.

T is for favorite treat
My latest favourite is baked ricotta cups, recipe coming soon! They only use a few ingredients, are quick and easy to make and are perfected warmed up for a winter snack or dessert.Best of all? They're delicious and healthy! and contain around 10g protein in each one.

U is for something that makes you unique 
I have Erb's Palsy due to a birth injury. When I was a baby, I couldn't move my right arm whatsoever. As a child, the movement went up in stages - I could lift it to a 45 degree angle, then all of a sudden I could lift my arm higher to the point where now I can lift it above my head, almost like a normal person. It doesn't really affect how I do anything as, over the years, I've taught myself to do things with one arm for the most part. 

When I saw this pair in Ikea I had to have them.
They now happily reside in my room on my armchair.

V is for favorite vegetable
Carrots, hands down - I can't get enough. But I also think carrots should be a fruit, seeing as they're so sweet (most people scoff at me when I say this, but I don't have a very big sweet tooth)

W is for today’s workout
I'm not a workout kinda gal, so today nothing! It's too rainy and cold to go for a walk so unless vacuuming counts as exercise, nothing.

X is for x-rays you’ve had. 
I've had a chest x-ray and a jaw x-ray, I think that's it. 

Y is for yesterday’s highlight. 
Well, yesterday I actually
won an iPad! So that was definitely a highlight - and I also worked on organising a few exciting things for the blog, so keep your eyes peeled!

Z is for your time zone. 
EST, Eastern Standard Time - in the futur
e for most countries :P


So tell me, have you ever won a competition? How and what did you win? 
If not, what's your pet peeve? 

Another thing I really dislike is when people leave the toilet seat up. If there isn't one, well I guess you have no choice.. but when there is, use it! I think this stems from when I was younger, I had a germaphobic teacher who told us all about how when you flush the toilet the germs go flying up into the air and all over your tooth brush - yeahh... gross... I hope you're not eating while you read this - or brushing your teeth :P


  1. Love the broccoli and carrot!! I keep wanting to buy the broccoli but I really have no where for it :P

    1. I love them too, haha. Everyone who knows me that sees them says that they perfectly match my love of vegetables :P

  2. I can already tell I would totally get along with you in person! I love that you are 19 and engaged too! I got married to my soul mate when I was 20! We have been together for 18 years now and I am more in love now than I was then. I'm so happy for you!

    1. I think we would totally get along in person, after reading your blog for so long!

      Your comment is a breath of fresh air, so many people are so focused on how young I am rather than how in love or happy we are. We're both a lot more mature than other people the same age, so it's different too.

      Thank you! You and your husband's relationship is definitely something to aspire to :)


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