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Monday, June 18, 2012

An udder day in Mississippi

Yeah sorry, I went there with the cow jokes...

While I was in Louisiana, we also took a trip to Mississippi to visit Jesse's Nanny. I don't think my Mum will ever let Jesse forget his "1 hour" trip took us 3 1/2, but we got there in the end! 

Jesse's grandmother lives on a cattle farm, I suppose you can call it, with her partner. There weren't just a few cows, there were hundreds. Now, being what I suppose you can call a Suburban girl, I'd never really been up close and personal with cows and I've never spent any time in the "country". So what's the first thing I noticed? The smell - so much so that I felt inclined to make another silly cow joke by saying "You know Jesse...... that's bull$#!t".

Really, I don't need any reason to make punny or lame jokes, I'm just extremely lame and dorky - but that's another story.  

Clearly this cow was not a fan of my jokes - or me.. for that matter.

Katrina, my sister, was extremely jealous of this trip as she (for some odd reason) is obsessed with cows - so I was given instructions that she needed cow photos, and lots of them. 

I was quite content with taking photos from a distance. I mean, I have a zoom lens... that's way safer than being up close and personal with a hundred or so beefy cows (ha, did it again!). But that's not what everyone else had in mind.  

 So, the four wheeler it was. Before we'd left Australia, my dad told me not to get on a four wheeler because it would be way too dangerous with my... history. You see, I'm clumsy... I have enough trouble getting around on two legs without damaging myself - not to mention four wheels. 

Not impressed...

But Jesse had control of the four wheeler and I clutched onto my camera for dear life (over protective parent syndrome) and we rode into the pastures. For a little while, I was quite unsure of whether or not I would come back unscathed as there were mooing (is there a scientific term for that?) Momma cows only a couple of feet from me, but Jesse assured me that Flash the dog would keep them in line. 

 Thankfully, no cows decided I was dinner or something to be flattened and they were quite happy to have their picture taken. We arrived back in one piece and I could cross being up close and personal with cows and riding on a four wheeler off my not-yet-compiled bucket list. 

But tell me, are you a city person, suburbanite or do you prefer the country? 


  1. I have a friend who is mad about cows. She just loves them! She'd love this post, I will send it onto her! :)

  2. I lived in the country in Indiana - born and raised there for 25 or so years! - and never really loved it. Everything was so far away, had to drive for ages just to get to the grocery store, etc. I love it here in Sydney, it's always busy and everything is close by. I feel homesick for the country every once in a while though!

    That's so funny your sister is obsessed with cows! We used to have a few of them on our farm and there were always some just hanging around near the fences on our drives to town.

    I'm sure I mentioned how much I love your photos from your trip, but have to say it again. They have a sort of washed-out soft vintage look and I just love that style!

    1. I found the same thing in Louisiana, everything was so far away! You can't just pop to the shops when you've forgotten something and you can't really go somewhere quickly because it's like an hour round trip!

      I don't know where Katrina's cow obsession stems from, but it doesn't look like it'll go away anytime soon. At least we always know cow themed presents will be a hit, haha.

      Thank you! :)


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