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Sunday, June 10, 2012

New beginnings

After posting at my original blog ksayerphotography for some time now, I decided that it was time I started a new "life" blog and keep ksayerphotography focused on my photography work instead. 

Southern In Law came about thanks to my fiance - I'm from Sydney, Australia while he's from Louisiana, USA. Currently we live 10, 000 miles apart but that's all about to change as we go through the visa process. After 4 and 1/2 years, we are more than ready to be together.

 Baking and cooking are two of my favourite things to do, so you can be sure that you'll be seeing lots of recipes - both gluten free and not. Everything from sweet cookies and cakes to Southern classics like Jambalaya as I learn how to please my fiance's Southern Palate.

This year, I was half diagnosed with coeliac disease. I say half as I only have 1 of 2 genes that cause Coeliac/celiac disease - generally this means you can either live your life never developing coeliac disease or you develop it later in life. Unluckily for me, I've developed coeliac disease and have completely removed gluten from my diet. For the moment, I'm not medically classed as having coeliac disease, only that I'm predisposed, (hence the half) until I resume eating gluten and have a biopsy to prove it (not going to happen anytime soon!). I also have an extremely long list of other food intolerances, due to the damage to my intestines - but let's talk about that in another post!

As I'm currently planning our wedding, you can expect to see lots of bits and pieces from me - everything from cute ideas I've found to my plans to eventually photos! 

As I said in the side bar, for this blog expect the unexpected. I don't have any rules on what to post, what not to post, when to post or how to post - it's going to be a random mismatch but a whole lot of fun and I'd love to have you follow it! 

Now that I've started a new blog, I'd love to know what do you read blogs for?

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