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Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Favourites: 13 July 2012

Yep, it's Friday again! Lately these weeks seem to be flying by! 

This week was quite an amazing week for me - I've been busy as a bee and lots of exciting things have been happening. Monday saw me start my new nannying job, Tuesday saw me getting a camera to try out for Sony (review coming soon! they may have to take it off me kicking and screaming!), Wednesday saw me getting another potential new nannying job (fingers and toes and eyes and arms crossed for that one!) as well as some other great news you will soon know about! and I've also been busy all week with freelance writing work and writing for hubpages. Somehow I also found time to bake and do all the other little things that needed doing! 

So now lets get onto my favourite posts for the week! 

Favourite gift of the week: and story!
Brenna Martin got quite possibly the most amazing and meaningful graduation from her Dad. Her Dad, Bryan had bought a copy of "Oh, The Places You'll Go!" thirteen years ago and kept it to give to her when she graduated High School - but it wasn't an ordinary book he gave her. He had collected comments and compliments from all of Brenna's teachers, starting from kindergarten!

I don't think you can get a more moving or thoughtful graduation gift than that! Read the news story here and Brenna's story here.  

Favourite Book Ideas: Books on Optimism
I'm always looking for new books to read and lately I have really seen how being optimistic can change your life. These seven books on optimism would be the perfect gift for someone that's feeling down and books that would be great to keep in your own collection.

I've never read The Little Prince (number one on the list), but I have heard amazing things about it - so I'm going to get a copy and share it with my family and my nannying kids!

Favourite Writing Tips:
These 25 insightful writing tips are a must-read for any writer. They're more aimed towards writing a book, but all of these tips work for article writing too! One day, however, I will have my own book - but for now, articles work just fine!

Favourite DIY:
These DIY icecream truffles are adorable and make the cutest mobile! I want my own icecream mobile - now that'd make for some sweet dreams!

Favourite recipe idea: 
These carrot cake muesli bars from Lorraine at Not Quite Nigella have got me thinking! I'm going to see if I can make my own gluten free version (seeing as I am a carrot cake addict)

So tell me, did you find anything interesting on the web this week?  


  1. I love that opening pic! It gave me such a big smile. Thank you so much for featuring my carrot cake muesli bars and I hope that finding a GF version isn't too hard! :D

    1. You're very welcome! I'm sure I can figure out a gluten free version and I will be sure to credit you for the idea :)


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