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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Favourite foods survey!

Favorite foods survey

Favorite nut/seed butter?
While I'm addicted to nut butter, there's definitely a hands down winner - PEANUT BUTTER!

How do you take your coffee/tea?
Hot and green, please!
How do you like your eggs? 
Eugh, not on my plate - please!
Pepsi, coke or sprite? 
 None of the above. Once upon a time I liked Sprite, but then I way overdid it when I was sick and never wanted to touch it again - the next time I tried it, it was way too sweet for me! I like just plain soda water/club soda - generally people think that's really odd, but I like it!

You're pressed for time, what do you make? 
 Depends on what time of day it is, if I know I'm going to have a busy morning or need to get out of the house quickly, I'll make overnight oats!

You're in a cooking mood, what do you make?
For me, cooking mood = baking mood! Generally I whip up an old favourite recipe or pull out my notebook of new ideas and try and come up with a delicious new treat. My current favourite recipes are my protein brownies and cinnamon roll muffins - they're also the fastest to disappear!

Food that reminds you of your childhood? 
Banana muffins! They were always a favourite treat growing up. Now I make them a little differently - my flax banana yogurt muffins (aka Flax Cho-nana muffins) are my current favourite!

Favourite "junk" food? 
 I'm not a fan of labeling food, but I guess this might fall under this category. Chocolate pudding in all its processed glory is one "normal" food I can eat. It has to be Hunt's Snack Pack and not the fat free or sugar free versions, please!

Fairy bread is good too :P I ate it for the first time in forever on my birthday and am now thinking I need to increase my sprinkle intake.
Is there a food you refuse to eat?
Eggs! It's always been that way - even as a baby I would spit the eggs back at my Mum or look at her with a disgusted face if she even attempted to give them to me so in the end she just gave up! The smell of eggs grosses me out so much that I could never think to eat any.

Food creation you love but others think is weird? 
Well, there's a big long list...
Goat cheese and nutella
Sweet potato, cottage cheese and nut butter (almond butter preferably!)
Peanut butter and everything
Cheese and dates/apple/raisins
Cottage cheese and everything
Peanut butter sandwiches on raisin bread (only Australians seem to think its weird I don't toast raisin bread - it's pretty normal in the US, apparently)
Putting coconut on PB/nutella/almond butter sandwiches

Food you hated as a child but love now?
Cinnamon! It's not exactly a food, but the way I use it, it may as well be!

What do you eat when you're sick?  
Salty foods, bananas, ginger chews, apples/applesauce and peppermint tea. When I'm feeling nauseous, my dinners are usually Vegemite spaghetti (with mighty mite) or plain rice/pasta with cheese as that's all I can stomach.

Food you eat most often? 
Peanut butter, with oatmeal and bananas coming in at a tied second! Peanut butter generally stars in most breakfasts, and often in lunch and snacks - I eat it at least once daily.

Fruit you're most likely to eat on a daily basis? 
Apples and bananas, clearly!

Favourite muffin? 
Cinnamon roll muffins and protein muffins! There will be another delicious protein muffin coming soon, you can be sure of that - they are SO good and packed full of protein that I can't help wanting to make them in a million different flavours!

A newly discovered/rediscovered favorite food?
Sweet potato with cottage cheese and almond butter and also pesto! (pesto separately, not with the SP) Both foods I haven't been able to eat for quite some time due to my stomach issues, but now I can!

Current favorite breakfast?
At the moment I am loving muffin messes for breakfast! I start with a base of cottage cheese or 2% plain Chobani , crumble on a muffin, add fruit, cinnamon and chia seeds and drizzle on nut butter! The above ones are both using my cho-nana muffins, but I love adding a chopped apple to apple muffins or other muffins. These muffin bowls are even better with some raisins or dates added in!

Current favorite lunch? 
 On cold wintery days when I'm at home, I love grilled cheese with avocado! It's warm and delicious so it's a win win! When I'm working or out, I've been loving peanut butter sandwiches on raisin bread or almond butter and date sandwiches or rolls.

Current favorite dinner? 
I love quinoa - whether it be avocado quinoa, double cheese quinoa or quinoa with pesto. Top with parmesan and you've got one happy camper eater. Even Jesse likes avocado quinoa! Lately I've also been loving pesto pasta - made with ricotta, pesto and a sprinkle of parmesan on top!

Current favorite dessert?
Baked ricotta is my go-to dessert when I'm cold, otherwise I generally eat some sort of muffin for dessert - yum!

Chocolate Protein Brownies

Current favorite snack?
Protein brownies! I'm addicted.

Favorite yogurt:
Plain Chobani - preferably 2%! I always add different toppings to make it even more delicious as I can't eat any of the flavoured ones with my food intolerances. (This is why Chobani Australia need to bring out vanilla, apple cinnamon and chocolate chunk cho to Australia!)

Favorite milk:
Unsweetened Almond Breeze, please! 

Favorite nut:
That's like asking me to choose a favourite child! It depends what I'm eating it with. I love peanuts, almonds, pistachios, walnuts and pecans.
Favorite apple:
Granny smith! and then Pink Lady apples as a treat!

If you had to live off of one favorite food for the rest of your life, what would it be:
That's easy, peanut butter <3 


So tell me - if you could only choose one food/meal to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?!


  1. Loved, loved, loved this post! It's always great to learn more about fellow bloggers! And if it's you then that means it's extra great haha. Two things caught my eye - fairy bread and baked ricotta. I've never tried either before!! And I hadn't even heard of fairy bread until now. Mind = blown.

    Have a great...Wednesday! (I's Tuesday night for me right now >.<)

    1. The baked ricotta is SO good, Paola - and so easy! My baked banana ricotta recipe only uses three ingredients - egg, banana and ricotta :)

      Fairy bread is actually really good - seems odd.. but it's just one of those things that is somehow amazing :P


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