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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Gluten Free Party Food

Gluten free entertaining. How do you do it in a way that everyone can join in and enjoy and that your gluten eating guests don't steer clear of the gluten free food or avoid it like the plague. 

Whilst I can't start planning a wedding yet, as we don't have a visa - I can still come up with ideas. These days it seems like everyone has a food issue - so how on earth do you plan a wedding that will please them all? 

I'm going to start sharing little ideas here and there of wedding or party food options that can suit everyone! 

At this point in time, I may have a slight obsession with wedding food bars... 

This idea of having a spud bar is awesome! You could do sweet potatoes and regular potatoes with a whole variety of toppings. 

My sweet potato loving heart is a-flutter with ideas!

We always have veggie platters at our parties and I can never get them looking as nice as I want on a platter. This idea has my problem SOLVED! and I have vases just like those. 

Next party we have, this is definitely happening - and as the veggie loving person I am, this is so a wedding food option!   

So tell me - do you like to serve or be served?

I have to say, I'm a self serve girl. I like to pick how much of each thing I want and know what I'm putting on my plate though sometimes it is lovely to be served!   


  1. Hmm good question! When we got married about 6 six years ago, I don't seem to recall many requirements apart from vegetarian and vegan. Now, I suspect it is really difficult. I don't mind serving myself or being served if the food is good :)

  2. Nice! The gluten-free diet is just gaining popularity. And this is such a nice way to remove the fear of gaining extra pounds during celebrations. Anyway, you have a point in saying everyone has a food issue. With that, the food becomes a regular source of stress. Choose your favorite food theme, and try to address only the food issues that you can. ;]


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