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Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Favourites: 10 August 2012

Hello Friday!

 Well, well, well - friday again! Hopefully you've had a fabulous week, this one was my last one as a teenager, eep! I will start next week as a new 20 year old :P 

I've been quite busy this week. I've gotten a few new exciting jobs and job prospects with my freelance business and another short-term nannying job! Hopefully there will be some things I can share with you very soon so that you know what I've been up to! 

Favourite Funny: 
I loved Ellen's interview with Kristen Bell where she talked about her Sloth Obsession and her Sloth Meltdown when her boyfriend surprised her with a visit from a sloth for her birthday. This autotuned version is even funnier! 

By the way, family and friends, I don't want a sloth for my birthday! They're a little creepy. Baby animals are fine, however :) 

Cute Baby Ape
Picture that made me Squeal: 
Now, I said no about the sloth - but I didn't say no to adorable baby apes!! Please, where can I get one?! That's what I need, a baby animal nannying job! Now... where do I find one of those...

Skateboarding Turtle
Awesome Animal: 
It must be a tiny animal kind of week, don't you think? I love this picture of the tiny little turtle shredding it up! I told you last week I always wanted a baby turtle and now I think I need one!

Notes from Mom to Baby
Favourite Idea:
I love that Gina is writing letters to her baby girl Livi for the future! For goodness knows how long, I have been telling myself that I will write a journal or letters to my future children (when I have them.. not right now... the only buns in my oven are gluten free ones thankyou!) and I love the idea of writing letters for different events and moments in life - "for the first time we get into a real argument" "for the first day of college" "for your wedding day" "for the first time a boy breaks your heart" etc.

So tell me, how was your week?! 


  1. Happy birthday! I was never thinking about the fathers leaving their children to go on war. It must be heart breaking!

    1. Thank you! I know, me either - it made me so grateful for the dads that do :)

  2. Oh my gosh, that turtle on the skateboard is so cute!


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