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Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Favourites: 17th August 2012

Hello, loves! It's Friday again! This week in some ways has flown by, though Monday feels like it was years ago!

Lots of exciting things have been happening, especially with my freelance writing business KISS Freelance! I've been working on different freelance projects, nannying, baking and writing for hubpages so I've been busy busy!

But I've still had time some pretty awesome things, so lets get to sharing my favourites! 

Favourite Escape: 
One of my freelance projects this week is for a Cyprus Tourism site and it's had me dreaming of a Greek escape all week! I've never been to Greece, but now a Cyprus Vacation is on my bucket list, for sure! I need to have my toes in those fine sands soaking up the sunshine! 

Must Have Pet:
A while ago, I told you about the Story of Kirk's Dik Dik and when this popped up on Cute Overload, my desire to see a Kirk's Dik Dik only grew a million times! As if that is not the cutest thing?! 

Plus just think of all the dirty jokes you could make! Hahaha 

Favourite GIF:
This is exactly why I don't run, because I'd look exactly like this duck - though not adorable in the slightest! In high school my PE teaches would laugh at me because I ran "princessy" holding onto my braid to stop it from moving around - I'm just not meant to run, okay?!

Favourite furry friend:
I have a thing for squirrels. It doesn't matter how many times Jesse's family tells me they're a nuisance, I'll still like them! I mean... come on! They're so stinkin cute! 
 Food love of the week:
1) This week I've been in a bit of a breakfast rut with this breakfast, but it's so good it's hard not to be! Cereal, cottage cheese, chia seeds and banana all drizzled with peanut butter. When's breakfast?! 
2) Yonanas! The only thing better than bananas is frozen bananas turned into soft serve! Heaven.

Favourite idea:
I love Angela's idea for snack sized portable oatmeal in jars! I'm thinking I need to find some bigger jars to make portable oatmeal breakfasts even easier than I already do!

So tell me, how was your week?!

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