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Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Favourites: 21 September 2012

....and Hello to you too! It's Friday again! This week has been extremely busy for me - and I'm working all weekend long, though it's been a pretty good one!

Thankfully I've had some downtime to find some pretty awesome things to share with you! I'm now enforcing regular mental health breaks between writing jobs ;P 

Blown Away Moment:
Just watch the video. How on earth is this girl thirteen?! Incredible.

Cute Puppy and Duckling
Adorableness (that's the only word for it):As if these two aren't so cute! If I had a baby duckling, Chanel would either be a) scared to death of it b) trying to play with it constantly. 

Gorgeous Yellow Floral Wedding
Wedding Love:
I love the colour scheme and flowers at this wedding. In fact, there's so much that I love! Now... million dollar wedding budget... where did I put you?

Do you have anything you've seen this week that you want to share?


  1. Love that outfit! Boy I wish I was a little more fashionable!

  2. I'd love that entire outfit too! It looks gorgeous and elegant :D

  3. That green skirt is just GORGEOUS!! Love the onset of warmer weather! hope you had a good weekend even though you were crazy busy xx


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