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Thursday, October 18, 2012

An Announcement!

Yes, I'm Still Alive!
I know, I know - I'm a terrible blogger. No posts since Saturday? Yep.

You'll have to forgive me for the lack of posting. This month it seems like a million stressful and bad things have happened at once. I'm fine, just stressed! The stress is even affecting my baking - I've attempted one muffin new muffin recipe that whilst delicious, was butt ugly and I made bread that well... wasn't even close to being bread. 

Whilst I'm not going to mention many of the things that have happened on the blog, I can tell you that Jesse is still coming here and we're still getting married - for some reason everyone always thinks that when I'm stressed, something is wrong with Jesse - but he's not the issue ;P 

But anyway, I do have some good news - and a happy announcement!

Freelance Copywriter, Sydney - Social Media Consultant - KISS Freelance

This week I launched my business website; KISS Freelance! It took quite a bit of time to get it exactly how I wanted (I'm a major perfectionist who ended up changing  few things herself to make it right) but now it is up and running!

But nonetheless, I promise to be back soon with some useful posts. Perhaps I'll have to share a few of my latest food loves - one of which I think is a superfood and everyone should use! 

For now, I'm focusing on work (gotta bring home the bacon that you can't eat with all of your food intolerances) whilst trying to sort out my brain so that I can focus on a few things at once rather than 63, 000. Don't worry - it won't take long! I need a Friday Favourites to cheer me up :)


  1. Kristy! I'm glad to hear from you and that KISS is finally launched! I've been really busy myself lately so I gotchu ;) Do what you gotta do, girl.

    Happy (almost) weekend! I am SO glad it is finally here - this week has been ridiculously stressful for me too.

    1. Yes! Bring on the weekend! I hope your week starts getting less stressful and that next week is a breeze! <3


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