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Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Favourites: 5th October 2012

Friday Favourites at Southern In Law

Hey lovelies, this week has flown by! Monday was a public holiday so a short week combined with lots of work has me working like a madwoman! Luckily I'm taking the weekend off (as I should do every weekend) and plan on enjoying some me time. 

What I'm reading:
This week I'm reading Queen Mum by Kate Long. Thanks to my busy week, I haven't been able to read much (I'm about 3/4 in though) but it's quite a good book. Not the greatest, but definitely an interesting read.

How did I pick this one? I like to do a little thing called the Library Dash. It involves walking into the library, taking a sharp right at the adult fiction (or biographies/non-fiction) and grabbing the first book I see. This means I'm always picking up something different. I quickly get to the counter before I can be tempted by other books - because if I look too much, I come home with 6 or 7.

Before I got so busy with work, I used to read 2-3 novels a week (I'm talking extra large novels too) and spent time compiling a to-read list on Goodreads and then requesting different books off the library's online catalogue when they become available. Now I'm so busy, I forget to request any books and thus the library dash is all the rage. 

Tear jerker of the week: 
This is an old video that has been making the rounds again and oh boy did it make this little crybaby tear up. I know how bad it is not seeing Jesse for so long, but I can't imagine how hard it would be for a child missing his daddy. 

Gorgeous Homely Kitchen with Exposed Brick Fireplace
Please Can I Have It? Kitchen: 
Warm, cozy, big, open, light, beautiful - I need this kitchen!
Current addiction: 
Cocobella! It's so good - and I am so glad they now have it in 1L cartons because I go through at least one small one a day. I've already joked with my mum that Cocobella should sponsor our wedding since I don't drink alcohol. A Coconut Water toast? Why not! 

Cute and Cuddly Puppy Litter
Squeal of the week: 
SO. MANY. PUPPIES!!!!!!! As if these little ones aren't adorable - and that proud mama at the back!

Food love:
The weather is warming up in Sydney and I am falling in love with ice cream all over again. My current addiction? Either chocolate gelato or vanilla icecream topped with salted natural peanut butter - holy heaven. 

Wedding Lust: 
All of these ideas for an Intimate Wedding at an Apple Orchard are stunning! I love that one couple also had their wedding reception sitting amongst the trees! 

So tell me, what are you loving this week? 


  1. Loving the pb salted topping! Oh and I've been meaning to tell you- whenever you reply to my comments I don't get an email saying you did...I have to come back and check- which sometimes I forget to do! Just thought you should know :)

    1. It's so good! The perfect balance of salty and sweet!!

      That's a pain that it doesn't send you an email back! We should be email buddies haha - you can email me at - I'm always up for a chat!


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