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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

An Update and Christmas Gift Ideas

Why hello! Lately I've been getting alot of emails asking about how everything is going with Jesse and I... well, it's about time I wrote an update on everything, right? 

The Visa; 
The papers arrived in Washington and we have been waiting, waiting, waiting for the last fortnight. I cannot tell you how anxious we've been and how desperate we are to hear something soon!

We're good! We've been discussing wedding ideas (from invitations to flowers to colour schemes) even though we're not able to set a concrete date as of yet. We're hoping to be together and Christmas - but we're waiting to hear from a caseworker so that we can get the all clear to travel!

Well - I've been busy working and stressing (over visa things) and other than that, I'm quite boring! ;P As far as health goes - I haven't been good. I've tried a new supplement that is supposed to increase my energy and help my IBS - but so far, it's given me headaches, extreme nausea and made me want to sleep all the time - but I can see slow improvements. The new supplement has a week to show its stuff, or it's out the window! 

See blog - non existant. I really need to get my act together! I haven't baked anything in what feels like forever! I am hoping to get some time to bake very soon as I want to perfect my gluten free Christmas pudding (allbeit very adapted thanks to my intolerances). 

So far - my Christmas list is sorted for my family. I've bought Jesse's Christmas presents and they're on their way, my mum and dad's will be purchased very soon and I know exactly what Jesse and I will buy my sister. I like to think of myself as a pretty good gift giver and generally start thinking about what I'll buy for Christmas halfway through the year (if not the day after Christmas :P) 

I'm definitely a gift giver and not a gift receiver - I never like to ask for presents and am much happier finding the perfect gift for someone else!

Recently, I received a beautiful bangle from Amber Adora. Amber Adora is an Australian based online jewellry boutique which sells stunning European Designed Amber pieces.

Amber is actually fossilised tree sap - and Amber Adora stocks amber pieces in a variety of different colours. The piece I received was a Cognac Bangle which is super delicate and lovely - and perfect for those with small wrists. 

I have teeny tiny wrists - and have never been able to find bangles or bracelets which fit, but this was perfect!

Amber Adora have plenty of different designs to suit all different personalities - and offer bangles, pendants, necklaces, brooches and earrings. 

I actually have one cousin who I know would love any of the Amber Adora pieces - so they are definitely on my Christmas list. Best of all? Amber Adora offer 30 days money back guarantee - so if for whatever reason you're not happy, they'll make sure that you are.

So tell me - what's been happening in your world? 
Have you started thinking about what you'll buy for your loved ones this Christmas?

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful bangle! I have just purchased one from my Mum from Amber Adora :o)


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