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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bear With Me..

Mary, Max, Jesse and Kristy - Osyka Mississippi 2012

Hello loves, I haven't forgotten about you!

I thought I'd stop by to let you know why I've been so absent. Unfortunately the last month or so has been incredibly stressful, emotional and overwhelming for all of us and we've had some very difficult times.

Jesse's Nanny, Mary, was diagnosed with cancer and passed away suddenly just over a month later. Jesse was incredibly close with his Nanny so of course, I have spent my time making sure that he and his family are doing as well as they can be.

I'm still in Australia. This has all happened at the same time that Jesse and I are finalising our visa application and completing all of the final details, combined with work, have meant that we've had to be apart.

As far as the Visa process goes, we're just awaiting the arrival of the final express posted papers so that Jesse can send off the finished application to Washington. He's had his medicals, done his police checks and we have wasted thousands of trees with the most ridiculous amount of forms and paperwork. 

If I were to outline "A Day in the Life of Kristy" right now, it'd look a little like this: 
6am - Wake up 
6:30am - Eat breakfast
7am - Read emails 
7:30am - Go for a walk (this has become a must do most mornings when I have the time to stop my brain from exploding! I walk around the park near my house, by myself, only surrounded by trees and birds and the occasional bike rider zooming past) 
8am - Shower/dressed/ready for the day
8:30am-11am - Whilst Jesse is still at work, I get to work - working on writing projects, answering emails, calling clients, managing my appointments etcetc. 
11 am-1pm - This is usually when I talk to Jesse. I forget work for a while because I have someone who is far more important. Not only are we going through the stress of the visa application, we're all grieving too - and it's times like these that you really need to set aside time for the ones you love. During this time, Jess
1pm-3:30pm - Back to work. More projects, more emails, more calls, meetings, preparing documents for Social Media Training courses and whatever else I have to do.
3:30pm-6pm - My mum and sister usually get home around now, usually I take a break and head out to get groceries quickly or run errands (FUN! not) before getting back to work once more. 
6pm-11pm - Dinner, Dessert, Me Time. After 6pm, no work is allowed. This is time to regroup, refresh and relax - and it's so important. I usually get to sleep around 11pm ish due to the time difference between Jesse and I

Now you can probably understand why I haven't been blogging! But I promise, I'll be back very soon - I just need some interesting, positive things to happen so that I can share them with you. If you have any ideas on what you'd like me to share/talk about/post/create, please let me know! Just send me an email, I'd love to know what you think :) 

So what's the plan for now? Once our visa application is launched, we'll be talking to our case worker (who we will hopefully know ASAP) about Jesse being here for the holidays. At the moment our plan is for him to be here over Christmas so that we can be together for Christmas. I miss him, my family misses him and gosh darn, Jesse needs a break! But for now, we just have to wait............ 

So tell me, what has been happening with you? What's the best thing that's happened to you in the last month? (Because I am so in need of some good news!)    


  1. I hope you're okay, and maybe this will brighten your day (like it did mine!). I've nominated you for a Sunshine Award!


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