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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Spotlight: Choices Gluten Free Bakery Breads - Part Two!

Choices Gluten Free Blueberry Bagel

It's the weekend! Finally! This week feels like it has dragged on forever and to make things worse, I've been sick all week!

Now that you know why I've been missing, you should also know that I won't be missing for too much longer. Jesse and I have sent off all of our visa paperwork and it is en route to Washington! In some ways, it's a weight off our shoulders - but in others, it's a weight that we no longer have control over! Eeeep! 

But lets talk about good things - like carbs. I have no shame in saying that I'm a bit of a carboholic. Choices Gluten Free Bakery have sent me to carb heaven, and I never want to leave. 

See that bagel up there? It's Gluten Free! and no, this isn't some cruel joke. 

GF Blueberry Bagels

Have you been searching for Gluten Free bread that tastes incredible too? I found it.

If you're in Australia, I beg you to either order bread online or run to your closest Choices bakery to grab some - your tastes buds will thank you. 

Above was Wholemeal Bread Rolls, Dinner Rolls and of course the Blueberry Bagels. 

The wholemeal rolls are perfect for anyone who was previously a fan of wholemeal breads. Often, eating gluten free breads, I miss the nuttiness of wholemeal and wholegrain breads - but this is a good replacement! The dinner rolls were smaller than I expected, but so delicious when warmed in the oven! Their outsides are crusty and crunchy whilst the middles are soft and delicious. 

Now, the bagels. Where do I get a lifetime supply of gluten free bagels (and the three seed bread, for that matter - and pretty much all of the breads)? If you know, please put my name down on the list! Holyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yum. 

Choices Gluten Free Bakery - Panini, Crusty Italian Loaf, Fruit Loaf

But wait - there's more! How on earth Choices manage to make not one, but dozens of different delicious and stomach friendly gluten free breads, I will never know! I have not had one single disappointment. 

The Fruit Loaf is another favourite - or should that be obsession. Filled with juicy raisins and the perfect amount of cinnamon and spice, this bread tasted like real raisin bread when toasted - ridiculously good. You don't even miss the gluten for a second! This is definitely one to add to my never ending supply wishlist. 

The Crusty Italian Loaf was made for soup dunking (though, I kind of think all breads are made for soup dunking). It has a delicious crusty crust with a soft middle and is delicious toasted or freshened up in the microwave. 

The Paninis are the perfect toasted sandwich vessel. They're thin and crunchy and perfect if you're like me and prefer a higher filling to bread ratio :P 

So tell me - are you a carboholic too? It's okay to admit it! 
What's your favourite type of bread?

Also, if you take a visit to a Choices Bakery or order their bread online - Let me know, I'd love to know what you think! :) 

Kristy received Choices Bakery Breads courtesy of Choices Gluten Free Bakery. All of the opinions expressed in this post are entirely her own (she really is a third person speaking carb-devouring weirdo!) 


  1. I LOVE BREAD! some say it is a waste of carbs, I totally disagree. Sourdough would def be my fav!

    1. I'm all for carbs - I could never survive on a low carb diet haha. When I first gave up gluten I actually went through some sort of gluten withdrawals - and oh how badly I NEEDED sourdough bread :P

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