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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Your Opinion: TVs in the Bedroom

Recently, we had a new addition to our bedroom. Meet the new TV. 

This TV sparked a little bit of controversy in our house, and when I shared it on Facebook and Instagram - it seemed that it was a bit of an opinion piece!

You see, I have always had a TV in my bedroom - though I don't like it being there. My dad is in the electrical/home automation industry so we have always had technology around as he tries everything out at home first.

I'm the type of person who would much rather have a wall full of picture frames or wall to ceiling bookshelves - and no TV. I don't enjoy watching TV generally and I especially don't like watching TV in bed (I feel even more lazy!).

Jesse on the other hand, sees the TV as a must have item - and so does the rest of my family. 

So I want to know, what's your opinion? Do TVs belong in the bedroom? 



  1. I believe that TVs DON'T belong in the bedroom. I generally don't watch TV either and I see it as a distraction if there is one there.

    1. I'm definitely with you, Helen! When Jesse's not around, my TV is just a dust-catcher ;P

      I go to my bedroom to sleep - not watch TV!


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