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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentines DIY Gifts: Date Night Jar

DIY Valentines Gift - Date Night In a Jar

DIY Valentines Gift - Date Night JarThis Valentines Day will be Jesse and my first together. That is - in the same country. 

Whilst I've always sent him Valentines packages (and ones for just about every holiday you can think of), this year we have the opportunity to actually do things together - and pretty soon, we'll have all the time in the world to spend together!

Living at home with my family means that whilst we do spend a lot of time together - we don't spend that much time alone - so we've made an effort to do things with just the two of us. 

Thus the idea of a Date Night Jar came about! Inside the jar are dozens of fun date night ideas that are inexpensive and easy to organise - that way you don't pick anything out and have to put it back inside because it's just no do-able. 

With me having so many food intolerances, we don't go out to eat (unless it's a froyo date!), so we have to be creative with how we spend our time. 

DIY Valentines Gifts - Date Night IdeasSo how do you do it? Easy!

One: Get a clean (preferably pretty) jar
Two: Cut strips of paper 
Three (optional): Use a heart shaped hole punch to punch hearts on one end of the paper (I chose the far right end).
Four: Write out your date night idea
Five: Fold the piece of paper up and pop it into the jar

Repeat until your jar is full and you've got yourself a super easy DIY present. 

I also added some hearts and a label for the top of the jar - but you can decorate yours however you would like!

Crafty Valentines Gifts - Date Night Jar

Date Night Ideas:

  • Cook something together
  • Play a board game
  • See a movie (if you're on a budget, check to see if your local movie cinema has a day where the tickets are cheaper!) 
  • Go to a museum 
  • Video Game night 
  • Have a picnic 
  • Share dessert
  • Go to a comedy show 
  • Have a movie night at home 
  • Play mini golf 
  • Go bowling 
  • Have a candlelit dinner at home 
  • Go and see a band 
  • A day out in the city
  • Go to the theatre
  • Froyo Date
  • Walk along the beach at night 
  • Try something new together (think: a new food, a new place you've been thinking about going, a new experience)
So tell me, what do you and your significant other like to do together? Do you have date nights? 

If you're single, tell me - what posts would you like to see on Southern In-Law soon? 



  1. Wow, what a nice craft! It will surely come in handy!
    You ask for more ideas? As I'm in a long distance relationship we do not exactly have date nights, it's more like date-weekends (:
    But well: Share ice cream in the bed, have a Star Wars marathon, brunch?

    1. Well I certainly have been in your situation! You can also change this jar up completely and put together ideas of what you're going to do when you're together next - or fill it with reasons why you love your valentine! :)

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