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Friday, March 15, 2013

Don't Fret! There's other RSS Feed Readers

Follow my blog with Bloglovinwith Bloglovin

Google Reader Alternatives - RSS Feed Readers

Yesterday I told you about Google Reader closing and how we need to make sure changes to make sure we don't miss out on our favourite blogs (and if you're anything like me and read hundreds, this is a big deal). I promised I'd share some alternatives - and I think i've found the best two!

Google Reader may be closing, but you can follow Southern In Law on Bloglovin or Feedly

Don't forget you can also keep up with my day to day ramblings on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

So tell me, do you use Bloglovin or Feedly?
If not - what do you recommend?


  1. I'm so out of the loop! I didn't even realise this was happening :S
    I don't use readers ever actually hahha. But I'm pretty sure I have one on my blog for people who do.

    Ps. Your captcha thing is so annoying haha :P

    1. What captcha thing?! There shouldn't be one - hmm!


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