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Monday, March 11, 2013

Recipe: Cajun Chicken Pasta

Healthy Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta - Low Fat, Gluten Free

Marrying a Southern boy, it's only natural that my pantry has quite the collection of Cajun spices. Whilst Jesse doesn't love alot of heat - he does like things with spice and this Cajun Chicken Pasta has plenty of N'awlins flavour. 

This healthy pasta dish is super easy to throw together - and great if you're in a hurry! It can be adapted to add whatever you have in your pantry or fridge - and add as much spice as you like!

Healthy Cajun Chicken Pasta - Low Fat, Gluten Free

Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta 
gluten free, low fat, veggie filled!

Serves one, though easily adapted to suit as many people as you like!
1 serve fettucine or pasta of choice, cooked (we use gluten free pasta)
1 serve raw chicken breast, sliced (I probably use about 80-100g/3-3.5 oz)
Cajun seasoning, to taste (we use Tony's Chachere's)
1 clove garlic, crushed
1/4 capsicum/bell pepper, finely sliced 
1/4 red onion, finely sliced 
1/2 tomato, diced 
1 tbsp Cream Cheese
2 tbsp chicken stock or water

In a medium frypan, sprayed with oil, saute your chicken with the garlic and cajun seasoning until cooked through. 
Add in your capsicum and onion, cooking for 3-4 minutes or until softened.
Add tomatoes and stir, cooking for a further 2 minutes. 
Once your vegetables have softened, add in the cream cheese and enough water/stock to make a sauce. 
Stir mixture until the sauce coats the vegetables and add your cooked pasta. 
Allow pasta to heat through and add in any additional cajun seasoning and/or garlic salt/salt and pepper to taste.
Serve immediately. 

and there you have it - super simple! As you can tell, I don't really use measurements when making dinner as I'm usually just throwing things together. I've adapted this recipe multiple times to make enough for my whole family but most of the time, I'm just cooking for Jesse. 

So tell me, are you a spice fan or do you like things on the milder side? 

Pre food intolerances, I loved things hot. I was the girl who used multiple chillies in single serves of pasta and who always bought hot salsa and bean dips. Now my stomach can't handle it (and it sucks!) but hopefully I can one day return to my spice loving ways. Jesse is a wimp when it comes to spice and can hardly handle medium heat salsa (some mexican!) ;P 



  1. Looks great, and I love a recipe for one! I tend to be a wimp with spices. My boyfriend on the other hand loves anything spicy. We have to buy two different types of salsa to keep us both happy haha!

    1. Jesse said that its fantastic (and it smells so good it has me wishing I could eat it!). Haha, as long as everyone's happy - right?!


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