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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Compromising and Exercising

Love is all about compromise
I get lots of emails from lovely readers looking to know what I do for exercise - and more importantly, how I get Jesse involved. 

Walking in Oatley ParkWalking in Oatley Park

First things first, what do I do? I tend to walk most mornings (I say most as you won't find me walking if it's raining - or if I'm not feeling well) for about 15-20 minutes. I walk around our local park and it works out to be about 2 1/4 km or 1.4 miles. I do walk quite fast as that's my natural pace - I have long legs and I've always been a bit of a speedy gonzales. 

The walk is quite short, however, it's perfect for me. I don't need to lose weight, I can't run to save my life, I'm not a marathoner - walking clears my mind and gets me ready for the day ahead - and it also helps with my chronic fatigue. 

My morning walk is more about making time for me than exercising - as it's a time where I centre myself, pray, think and be thankful. 

Walking in Oatley Park - Webster's Lookout

When it comes to getting Jesse involved in being active with me - it's all about compromise. 

Ladies (and gentleman), you can't expect your man to want to do exactly what you do - just as you can't expect your friends to want to either. You need to find something that works for both of you - and that's when you find the happy medium. 

You see, Jesse doesn't walk fast at all - and that's why I always walked by myself. Now we've made a compromise and I will slow down to his pace (if you're a fast walker, you'll know how hard this is - and oddly how much it hurts to slow down your natural pace) but we walk a little bit further. Instead of walking 1 1/2 miles, we walk 2 1/2 miles - and we take much much longer than I would on my own - but it's so much more enjoyable. We stop at the lookouts and look at how beautiful the world around us is. Sure, I'd love to have him walk my pace - but I'd rather walk with him at any pace than not be able to. 

We walk together on the weekends and during the week I walk by myself (as Jesse has usually already left for work). We've also been looking to start a karate or taekwondo class as I used to do karate when I was little and Jesse has always wanted to try. Problem is, we're struggling to find somewhere where we can do it together (and preferably without a uniform haha). Unfortunately where we live, the options for gyms/fitness centres etc is quite limited - and whilst we can find running and cycling groups, there aren't many other options unless you want something like a boot camp (which we totally don't want). 

As with anything in a relationship - it's all about compromise! You can't expect your man to do everything you want - just as he can't expect you to want to do everything he likes - it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with your relationship! 

I do think it's really important to enjoy being active with those around you - whether it's your boyfriend/fiance/husband or your friends! It's a healthy habit that will make you super happy as well. 

So tell me, do you exercise with your partner or your friends?
What are your favourite ways to be active?

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  1. It's a really good point, Kristy - exercise choices are definitely a personal thing. Like you, I'm a fast walker, but my husband is a plodder, which drives me nuts. He loves his road bike, but the traffic terrifies me. We both love weight training, but we have different ways of doing things and so rarely train together. I love spin classes, he doesn't.

    The one thing we get to do as a couple is mountain biking, and we rarely miss our Saturday morning rides. We also like to take the bikes with us if we take a weekend trip, so that's bonus time together. :)

    1. I have a solution! We should walk together and let our husband (and husband to be) plod along together ;)

      How awesome that you ride together every Saturday - what a perfect way to be active and spend time together! :)

  2. Everything you said is so true. There was a point where my partner was pressuring me to do crossfit with him but it just was not for me. During the week we have agreed to do our own thing and he will do cross fit and Ill go to the gym but on the weekend we always make time for a walk/bike ride together. Even though we don't exercise together during the week we support each other to keep active, which is so important too. Especially in winter when its so tempting to go home after work and snuggle up on the couch :P

    1. I don't blame you, lovely! Cross fit isn't for me either!

      I think it's even more fun exercising together just on the weekend as it's a break in routine!

  3. Great post!
    Although he's a gym-goer, I wish my husband would do outdoor runs with me. I would love for it to become a part of our life together, but I just don't think he'll ever grow an interest! As much as you'd like, it's nearly impossible to force someone into adopting a fitness routine (I actually think changing one's eating habits is much easier)!!!

    1. Is your husband a runner? I could never run with Jesse even if he wanted to, simply because my body can't run - but maybe you could throw in a walk/hike and take Thomas along too and make it a family thing!

      I think you're right though, it's much easier to change eating habits than fitness routines - especially if someone doesn't enjoy it!


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