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Saturday, June 15, 2013

What We're Loving Right Now!

What We're Loving! Southern In-Law Weekly Favourites

Hey loves, we decided to put together a collection of the things we're loving right now so we could share them with you. It's a random collection of things from food to fashion to beauty products - and feel free to add your own favourites!

As you know, the best way to find new things is by recommendation!

What We're Loving! Southern In-Law Exercise of ChoiceExercise of Choice: Walking!I love love love my morning walk - and even though it's super cold now, it still clears my mind and gets me ready for the day ahead. Plus... I see some pretty amusing things while I walk - from people that look like their pets to this lady who I have to avoid because she swings a ball, which is attached to a rope - and so many times I have almost had my head chopped off when trying to overtake her.

Speaking of overtake, this week, one old lady told me; "If you're going to walk that fast, love, you need some blinkers!" and laughed herself silly - and it put a huge smile on my face. So much better than a treadmill (which I don't have!).

What We're Loving! Southern In-Law Makeup of Choice - Conscious CosmeticsBeauty Product of Choice: Natural Makeup
I have always had issues with makeup. It doesn't feel right, causes my skin to breakout, irritated my sensitive skin, or just doesn't do what I want. That was, until I started using all natural makeup - and now I love it.

I'm currently using makeup from Conscious Cosmetics that's all natural and organic and the difference is incredible! When it dries it doesn't feel like you have anything on and they don't make my skin dry or cause me to break out. More on them in another post!

What We're Loving! Southern In-Law Favourite Beauty Product - Queene Helene's Original Mint Julep Face MasqueBeauty Product of Choice pt 2: My Favourite Face Masque
With my recent iHerb order, I also added in a new face masque - Queene Helene's Original Mint Julep Face Masque. Little did I know I was going to love it. Unlike some other face masks, it doesn't cause any burning or irritation and is super calming. I have ridiculously sensitive skin so it's sometimes impossible to find products that don't irritate my skin and still work - but this one does! Best of all, it won't cost you the earth either - with a huge tube just 
US$3.84 - and you can get a discount and $10 off with the coupon code OTO868 at
What We're Loving! Southern In-Law Favourite Beverage - Stolen Recipe Iced TeaJesse and Katrina's Beverage of Choice: Iced Tea
Jesse and Katrina (my sister) have been loving the Stolen Recipe Ice Tea - so much so that Jesse even said he'd write the review! Which was perfect, because unfortunately this intolerant chicka couldn't have any (only be incredibly jealous because it smells amazing). Now I'm just thinking Stolen Recipe need to come up with a new Kristy created addition that's safe to enjoy ;)

On the Stolen Recipe Watermelon and Raspberry Ice Tea Jesse said (after just this second drinking one so he could tell you all):
"Nice and sweet and very fruity. You can taste the raspberry more than the watermelon but it has a good flavour and is very yum. They definitely picked the right combination of flavours because they are so well balanced". 

Ingredients: Brewed loose leaf white tea complimented by refreshing watermelon and raspberry juice and natural flavour.

On the Stolen Recipe Lemon and Lime Ice Tea Jesse said:

"When it hits your mouth, you get the punch of the citrus - but then you get the refreshing peppermint and hint of lime and it's incredible. It's not an overpowering sourness like when you suck a lemon - it's a nice refreshing taste". 

Check those comments OUT! When he said that to me, I just about fell off my chair and had this big stupid grin on my face. This is the guy who used to tell me "it tastes a little... oh I don't know.. just something". Jesse didn't even think he'd like the Lemon and Lime one, but he loved it too!

Ingredients: Brewed Loose Leaf Peppermint Tea blend with a hint of chamomile, fennel and lemon balm complimented by lemon and lime juice.

I love that these ice teas have no added sugar and no artificial nasties. They're simply teas  that are flavoured and sweetened with real fruit juice. And clearly they're good as they're all gone except for two of the Watermelon Iced Teas which won't last the weekend!

What We're Loving! Southern In-Law Favourite Beverage - CCoconut WaterKristy's Beverage of Choice: Coconut Water
With all of my food intolerances, I often struggle to find drinks other than water or specific teas that I can drink without a problem. Coconut water is one of those drinks I love and have no issues with! It's tasty, refreshing and also filled with nutrients - and with my health issues, I often suffer with weird bouts of dehydration (despite drinking tonnes of water every day - it's a side effect of chronic fatigue) and I often find that Coconut Water helps with that dehydration.

In fact, I spoke with my doctor about my theory and she told me I was right as the coconut water actually helps to hydrate your body better than water and has high levels of potassium. Coconut water also contains natural chemicals which help your body to fight fatigue and can help to improve your circulation - but it's important that you're buying all natural coconut water. CCoconut water is 100% organic and 100% coconut water with no added nasties - so it's the perfect for me, the queen of intolerances.
So while Jesse's sipping on his Ice Tea, I'll be sipping on my coconut water and pretending it's summer. Who knows, at our wedding we may end up toasting with a coconut water and a bottle of Stolen Recipe Ice Tea since we don't drink champagne ;P 

Kristy and Jesse received Stolen Recipe Ice Tea and CCoconut Water thanks to Roxy at Sweaty Betty PR. All of the opinions expressed above are entirely Kristy and Jesse's own and have not been influenced in any way by the companies or Sweaty Betty PR.

What We're Loving! Southern In-Law Favourite Clothes - Warm Winter Coats, ValleygirlStaple Clothing Item of Choice: Warm Jackets
I'm a cold bug and I get cranky when I'm cold - so it's no surprise that Jesse and my wardrobe is filled with my jackets and coats. I've got long trench coats, blazers, cropped jackets, tailored jackets, heavy cardigans, light cardigans and tonnes and tonnes of sweaters and hoodies. 

I'm all about layers so I will often wear a singlet, then a long sleeved top then a sweater and then a jacket over the top. OTT? Possibly, but at least I'm warm and not whinging :P 

That long trench coat is a grey tweed one and I nabbed it on sale for just $25 at Valleygirl. Bargain - and I love that it's tailored and gives me a nice shape rather than swamping me. 

What We're Loving! Southern In-Law Favourite Breakfast - Life Plus Protein ShakeSIL Dad's Breakfast of Choice: LIFE+ Protein Shakes
Our friend Silver at Icon Foods spoils us and last week he stopped by with some of the new LIFE+ Protein Shakes (which Joel Madden is a huge fan of).

Dad was a huge fan of the protein shakes and has decided that the Chocolate Fudge protein shake is definitely the best. What did I think? I thought the French Vanilla was too sweet (but I don't have much of a sweet tooth) but I've yet to try the chocolate one. Jesse was the same as me - but loves the chocolate one. 

My Dad isn't a breakfast eater generally, but now takes one of these shakes along with him in the morning - and with 45g of protein and less than 2 grams of fat, they seriously give you energy for the day and keeping you going until lunch time! I've shared them with a couple of friends who have been enjoying them before workouts/runs/crossfit etc and they love them - and even say they're better than a regular powder based protein shake!

Kristy and Jesse received Icon Foods products courtesy of Icon Foods. All of the opinions expressed above are their own and have not been influenced in any way by the company.

What We're Loving! Southern In-Law What We've Been Baking - Banana Muffins with Flamingo Pink
What's Been Baking: Anything with Banana
A pile of super ripe bananas had been waiting for me - so this week I got to baking! I made some banana muffins (a new recipe) which Jesse said were the best ever and I took some to Harriet at Flamingo Pink yesterday and she agreed - so I will definitely have to share the recipe soon! (and how cute are Harrie's pants!)

I've also made Chocolate Banana Souffles, Banana Souffle Breakfast Bakes and Fruity Baked Oatmeal - yum!

What We're Loving! Southern In-Law Meal of the Week Steak Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Seasoned BroccoliJesse's Meal of the Week: Steak
I asked Jesse if there were any other favourites we needed to add - and of course he said steak. This week Jesse has had two steak dinners in a row (because the first one was so good) - Steak with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Broccoli and Steak with Healthy Homemade Sweet Potato Fries and Salad. 

When people say Jesse must have my healthy living ways, I really should show them this picture - and check those grill marks! Girl can grill! ;) 

Chanel Paige - Chihuahua Cross Shitzu Chanel's Favourite of the Week: Her New Bed
Chanel got sent a new bed this week and whilst she was quite wary of it at first (probably because Jesse and I put it together) both dogs love it. That makes five dog beds for two spoilt puppy dogs - plus whatever towels, blankets, pillows, couches etc they claim for themselves.

Chanel is one spoilt little mama - but she's so cute, how could you help yourself?!

But tell me, what are you loving this week?
Share your own favourites in the comments below!

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  1. Mmmm I REALLY want to try those iced teas you mentioned! I love tea and usually like it plain, but something with a slight fruitiness sounds awesome right about now.

    1. Jesse was a big fan! In Louisiana I had never seen so much iced tea in my life (it's really not a big thing here in Australia) and now it seems to be popping up everywhere in Australia!

      There's a brand in the US called Honest Tea that have very similar flavours - we got some at Kroger but I'm sure you can get it anywhere!


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