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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Q&A Part Two - We Answer Your Questions

Southern In-Law Questions and Answers - Part Two

Well you've seen our first Question and Answer post and here's another! Don't forget, if you have your own question for us - ask away!

Question: How do you come up with your recipes?
Answer from Kristy: Trial and error, usually - I'm also a weirdo who thinks up different food combinations all of the time. I'm someone who tends not to follow recipes, but throws everything together and then writes a recipe. 

Often times, my recipes are inspired by combinations I see in the grocery store, in restaurants or on TV shows - or things I've always liked the taste of together. I often try to mix flavours from my favourite dishes into new dishes, like the Chicken Parmesan Rice Bake or the Cajun Chicken Pasta.

Answer from Jesse: I have no idea but she comes up with some crazy good ideas.

Chanel Paige - Chihuahua cross Shitzu Puppy

Question: How old is your puppy and what kind of dog is she?
Answer from Kristy: Our beautiful Chanel Paige is five years old and the other love of our lives! She's a Shitzu cross Chihuahua and was my 16th birthday present (the best present I have ever received). She's spunky and full of personality and everyone who meets her falls in love - she knows how to wrap humans around her little finger ;) 

Question: How did you put on weight eating such healthy food?
Answer from Kristy: A lot of my problems with weight loss/weight gain were due to my undiagnosed coeliac disease (read the full story here). The reason I lost so much weight in the first place was because I was so incredibly sick. The doctors have told me that, basically, my body was so focused on protecting itself that it stopped absorbing anything - this means vitamins, minerals and even calories. 

My entire body was under stress and it started to show - the weight kept dropping off (I'd also had trouble keeping my weight up for about 6 or so years before that), my hair started falling out, my eyes were no longer clear and bright, my bones and muscles ached, I couldn't do anything physical (even getting out of bed was a chore) and I was so grumpy, depressed and constantly dazed and confused.
I cut out gluten and slowly I started getting better. My hair continued to fall out for a little while (as a woman's hair often does after she's pregnant, my body was getting used to the changes), my blood work started to look better, my eyes started to get brighter and I got the colour back in my skin. Once my stomach began to heal, I was also able to gain weight. It was incredibly slow and incredibly frustrating (when you're desperately trying to gain weight and eating whatever you can it's heartbreaking when you're not seeing results) but the better I got, the easier it was. 

I have always been a grazer and I still am. My mum would have to force me to eat, my lunch box would always come back looking like a sparrow had picked at it and I just generally wasn't interested in food (not helped by constant nausea). I overcome this by eating 6 meals a day and I also never skip meals - even if I don't feel like eating. I get my "calories" up by adding lots of nuts, nut butter, seeds and cheese to my meals. If there's not peanut butter on what I'm eating, there will be cheese or avocado or some other form of healthy fat. That said, my interest in food has increased now that I feel better, so it's not always such a challenge!

You can gain weight eating anything and for me, the most enjoyable way to gain weight was to do so by eating the healthy foods I love. Just don't expect me to sit down and eat a salad for lunch (girl needs her carbs! :P). It's all about balance!

Does Jesse wear glasses all the time?

Question: Does Jesse wear glasses all of the time or only sometimes? Does Kristy wear glasses?
Answer from Jesse: I wear glasses all of the time (obviously not to bed or in the shower) but I can see somewhat without them.

Answer from Kristy: I don't wear glasses, however, I probably will need to in the future as I had a lazy eye as a child and it means my right eye is a lot weaker than my left. Both of my parents have glasses as well.

Question: Will you have children in the future?
Answer from Kristy: Definitely, but not for some time. We've spent five years apart and are just now enjoying life together. We want to enjoy the things we haven't been able to do - like travel - and I think it's important to grow and develop your relationship and experience things together before adding a baby into the mix. 

Jesse's family think we should have one ASAP (his Pawpaw asked me when he was getting Australian grandbabies) but my family are 100% on board with us waiting - and I know once we're married we'll probably be asked by everyone. 

There are definitely no little Southern In-Laws on the cards for at least a few years (think: 5 years). 

We also still live with my family and we want to be settled into our own home with enough space and finances to give our kids everything they need (read: not want, because we're not creating spoiled brats). 

Answer from Jesse: Yes, when the time and after we've grown more and enjoyed life together.

KISS Freelance Website
and do you notice a similar background?
That was all intended to tie in my different websites.

Question: What do you do for work? 
Answer from Kristy: I own my own business, KISS Freelance, where I work with clients right across the globe as a copywriter and social media specialist. I write for clients on a whole range of tasks so every day is different - I may be writing websites one day and writing press releases or marketing materials the next. I also do freelance journalism work and have written for a couple of magazines. Social media wise, I teach businesses how to use social media within their business, design social media pages for others and completely manage social media networks for a select number of clients. 

Originally, I started out as a photographer, however, my clients were soon coming to me for more and more writing and social media work and that's when I launched KISS Freelance. I still do photography work - family and portrait work and product/food photography (you can actually see my work on Pepe's Pastizzi's packaging and website. Needless to say, we were all very excited to see my photos on packaging in Woolworths.

Answer from Jesse: I work with Kristy's Dad in the family business as an Electronic Technician.

Question: Would you ever become a full time blogger? 
Answer from Kristy: I would love to be a full time blogger, however, if I was to do that I'd also like to branch out into different things - working with companies on allergy awareness, writing a book/cookbook, developing programs to encourage healthy living etc etc. Who knows! One day! For now, I'm just beginning to work with restaurants and companies on teaching them how to be more allergy friendly/aware and how to develop products/services/menus to suit a wider variety of needs.

Peppermint Green Tea by the Fire
I count tea-making as a chore ;)
Question: Who does the chores in your house?
Answer from Kristy: As we live with my family, the chores are spread out a little - though only between myself, Jesse and my Mum. I am the dishwasher queen and am responsible for packing/emptying/putting away and I also clean the house twice a week. I also make an effort to put out washing/fold washing, tidy and help out my Mum wherever possible. Jesse is the bin boy and is in charge of taking out the trash - and he's also responsible for making me tea at night :P Hehehe. Jesse also mows the lawn and tidies up outside. 

I also cook every night for myself and Jesse - and sometimes our family as well. 


And I think we have bored you with questions now, right? There's still quite a few left for the next post and feel free to ask your own questions - just leave a comment here, send us an email or ask us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram!

Do you have a question you'd like us to answer? 
Also, who does what chores in your house?

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