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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wedding Update! June 9th, 2013

Kristy and Jesse - Engagement Photoshoot, Centennial Park Sydney
Photo by the amazing Lucie Zeka from our Engagement shoot!
Can you believe that?! Where has the time gone! One second we were 6 months away, the next second we're 125 days away!

So what have we got sorted - and who do you need to meet? So far, everyone in our wedding "team" have actually become great friends of ours - and we are so lucky to have met them all!

Sweetcheeks Cookies and Cakes - Gluten Free Wedding Cake
The Cake:
The cake will be made by the lovely Danielle and Renee of Sweetcheeks Cookies and Cakes (who make cakes in both Sydney and Melbourne and ship cookies Australia wide!)

It's going to be a gluten free cake as Jesse's number one requirement was that I needed to be able to enjoy our wedding cake.

Danielle is an absolute sweetheart and has become a great friend - and she is insanely talented as well as gorgeous inside and out. Make sure you check out their Facebook page to see their cakes - One of my favourites is Amelie's 2nd Birthday cake - it's brilliant and they even had matching cookies!

Lucie Zeka - Sydney Wedding Photographer
The Photographer:
The INCREDIBLE Lucie Zeka and her husband, Alban! These two work together seamlessly and I am so incredibly excited to see what they come up with for our wedding photos!

Fun fact: Lucie and Alban have also been through the treacherous visa process like us - with Lucie moving to Australia from the Czech Republic.

We felt so comfortable when they were shooting our engagement shoot - and it was just like being with friends, which is exactly what you want in a photographer!

Nicolle Churi - Sydney Wedding Stylist - Ra Ra Kitty Props
The Stylist:
The amazing Nicolle from Ra Ra Kitty Props! 

Nicolle's studio is vintage heaven. I walked in there and told her I was moving in. Nicolle and I have almost exactly the same ideas - and I am SO excited to work with her as I know she'll create something beautiful. Just look at this beautiful photoshoot Nicolle styled recently.

Nicolle has also become a wonderful friend - and I'm so blessed to have these beautiful ladies in my life and as part of our wedding!

Kristy's Wedding Dress Wrapped in a Sheet
The dress:
The dress is almost all ready to go - it's kept safely at a family friend's house and is just in need of a few slight alterations (as I'm definitely not a busty bride ;P). I'm also waiting on a couple of accessories to arrive which will make it perfect!

I've also made the decision that I'm not having a veil which is totally untradtitional for this traditional bride - but when you see everything together, you'll know why I chose not to have one. 

Kristy - Hair and Makeup, Get Threaded Sydney
Hair and Makeup:
If you follow me on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter you might have seen some pics - but noticed I didn't reveal too much! That's because I need to keep some things a surprise!

But I promise you, the lovely Nieves from Get Threaded (yes! They also do hair and makeup!) is an absolute genius and I have 110% confidence that she'l have me looking and feeling amazing.

Nieves is about to open her own Get Threaded store in the Met Centre, Sydney - so if you live or work close to the city, she's your girl! (and you'll never ever want to wax your eyebrows again - threading is amazing).

Kristy and JesseJesse's suit: 
Jesse's suit is all ready to order - and also his best man, Wesley, who is coming over from Louisiana for our wedding (and it will be his first ever plane trip!).

The suit Jesse decided on is exactly what I wanted - and exactly what Jesse thought he didn't like, but it suited him perfectly - which I don't know why he was surprised about that as I know what colours work for him and shop for him often.

Katrina's Dress:
Katrina's dress is all ordered and paid for and we just have to wait for it to arrive. 

We ordered a gorgeous Henry Roth dress is the prettiest pink colour (as we're going for vintage pinks and creams) and it suits her perfectly. 

We're also going to look for a cardigan/jacket to go with her dress - and I'm currently loving the look of a soft cotton cardigan with a tailored chiffon dress (it just makes everything a little more relaxed and subtle).

The Church: 
The church is all sorted and booked - complete with wedding bells and an organist! 

We're getting married at St Paul's Anglican Church at Burwood - where my parent's were married and I was christened. It's a beautiful old church with stained glass windows - and we are so lucky to have Father James, who shares the same values as us. I know our ceremony will be beautiful!

Viceroy Bali - Gluten Free Friendly Hotels, BaliBali Villa Sungai - Gluten Free Friendly Hotels, Bali

The Honeymoon: 
Our Honeymoon is all booked for a couple of weeks after our wedding (as Wesley will still be here and we'll have lots of things to do). We're heading to Bali and staying at the beautiful Viceroy Bali and Bali Villa Sungai. Both places are gluten free friendly and more than happy to cater to this intolerant guest! 

Whilst in Bali, we have some bucket list items to tick off - an elephant ride, yoga by the jungle, a volcano hike and lots more!

Well you know what we have sorted, but what about what's left to find? Please, if you know anyone - send them my details or let me know theirs! I'm all for hearing your recommendations!
  • Flowers & a Florist!
    Since I already have these beautiful ladies involved in our wedding - I need a beautiful florist too! I know the look of the flowers I want so it's just a matter of finding someone brilliant.
  • Reception VenueYeah, this one still isn't 110% sorted - and you don't have to tell me how bad that is, I hear it 24/7 ;P We've been looking at art galleries, warehouses and just about everything you can think of. 
  • Videographer
    We have one videographer, however, we at least need a second shooter. I'm really open to giving someone a chance who is starting their career as a videographer as I was lucky enough to be given many chances myself when starting my businesses - and they meant the world. 
  • Caterer
    We know we want to have a gluten free wedding (as Jesse is worried about me getting sick on our wedding day) so we have to find someone who is willing to do just that. 
  • ShoesI need to remember this and not forget because for some reason, shoes keep slipping my mind. As Jesse and I are exactly the same height, he wants me in flats - but I kinda think I need a sneaky little heel just to pull everything together. The problem is finding the right shoes as I always have trouble shoe shopping!
  • Garter
  • Tie for WesleyI've ordered extra fabric from Katrina's dress to make a tie if needed, but I think it will be easier to buy one in the same colour.
  • Invitations
    We have our invitations sorted and they're super cute - but obviously we need the reception details first!
  • Guest list
    This will be the tricky one! I have a huge family and lots of very close friends - so even just keeping it to the closest people in our lives is still huge numbers.

And right now, I can't think of all of the other things we need to do, haha!

So tell me, any exciting things coming up for you? 
My 21st birthday is fast approaching (August 12th) but with all of the wedding planning, I don't want to make a big fuss! (and I've never been much of a birthday girl)

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  1. It all sounds exciting beyond words - I'm so happy for you guys!! Best of luck in finding the other things on your list (sorry I can't help) :) -Elfi <3

  2. Wow... And I thought I had it bad, future MIL has been constantly reminding my fiance and I that we have plenty of things to do. Sorry to say this, but I'm glad that our reception venue has been booked. I hope you find something soon!

    I highly recommend Fondue Lava for catering. We used them for our engagement party because we needed gluten free options as well. They are Italian and the food is brilliant! My fiance's family (who are Italian) also raved on about how good they are. Psst, they also threw in a chocolate fountain because we choose them for catering.

    Also, I have a food blogger friend who use to be a florist who does wedding flowers every now and then. If you are still interested; you could try her. Search for Angie loves to eat and cook :)

    Hope that helps!!

    1. Haha, I hope so too! We have a "maybe" option but it just doesn't seem right - but at least it's a fallback!

      Oooh, thank you for that! I will have to check out Fondue Lava - and a chocolate fountain on top sounds perfect ;P

      I will definitely have to look at Angie's blog - is she wanting to be a florist or is it just an on-the-side hobby?

    2. I'm sure you'll soon find something that would make you go WOW. We immediately fell in love with our venue and knew straight away it was the one.

      The guys at Fondue Lava certainly are accommodating. Tell them I sent you their way if you decide to check them out (they should know who I am). Otherwise, they also have a restaurant (called Grano) if you want to check out the food before deciding :)

      Angie was a florist but now works in corporate world. She does this on the side because it's one of her passions.

    3. That is so true - you know when you find the right place.

      I will definitely have a look at them and let them know you sent me if I decide on using them!

  3. So exciting now seeing the church and knowing the history in your family behind it - beautiful!!
    I'm so glad your sister's dress is sorted too!
    Renee is turning 30 in July and getting married in August - so having the same problem as you, not wanting to go too crazy, but still wanting to celebrate both!
    I love keeping up to date with the progress - and can't wait to create your wedding cake <3

    1. I cannot wait Dani, I know the cake will be perfect! I also can't wait til you're back up in Sydney! xx


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