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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Guest Post: Flamingo Pink's Favourite Things

From Kristy: Hi lovelies! Today I have a fabulous guest post from my friends at Flamingo Pink! Flamingo Pink is seriously the perfect website for ladies - whatever you're into. They have all different kinds of posts - from beauty to fashion to health and fitness to love and more - and you'll be seeing quite a bit about them around here as I will be doing some posts for them too! 

But enough from me, let's take a look at what the FP team are loving right now!


Hi Southerninlaw-ers!

Kristy and Flamingo Pink are partnering up on lots of new and exciting projects (I've been gagged and sworn to secrecy about them, but watch this space - all will be revealed soon!) But let's kick this party off with our first Flamingo Pink for Southern In-Law Favourite Things! (from Kristy: which should have been Friday favourites, had my computer not gone AWOL!)

Favourite moment: Waking up and realising that it’s a Saturday of a LONG WEEKEND (well it is if you live in New South Wales!) Artist’s impression of us today:

Excited Dog in Car
Just a little bit excited
Favourite dating story: You have to read this story about the Chip Man 

All the Pringle Ladies

Favourite gift: this mug from Ms Southern In-Law herself, perfect for tea time with the Dalai Lama, served with this healthy-but-you-wouldn't-know-it chocolate cake. Delish! (from Kristy: that chocolate cake recipe is coming soon - and I promise you, it is amazing - and Harriet and Pip from FP will back me up on that!)

Favourite pair: these two! Heart them, heart their song. (Also, heart this pic because IMAGINE IF THEY HAD KIDS TOGETHER!)

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran with Kids

Favourite breaky: #nomnom this granola - and here's how to make it (from Kristy: I need to make this ASAP - I mean, it has bananas in it - it's calling my name!)

Banana Granola Recipe

Favourite inspirational video: This guy, for proving to us that you CAN fly on a broomstick. Never give up on your dreams, guys!

Anddd some favourites from me!

Kristy's Wedding Dress wrapped in a sheet
Sorry loves, no sneak peeks!
Moment of the week: Yesterday I had my wedding hair and make up trial and it's safe to say I had "the moment" as in, I looked in the mirror, in my wedding dress, with my hair and makeup done, and I cried like a baby ;P 

Hair and Makeup genius: The lovely Nieves from Get Threaded. She is just about to open her brand new store at the Met Centre, Sydney and she is amazing. Seriously, Nieves - can you come and live in my house and make me look amazing every single day? I don't know how she does it!

Photobooth Photos Harbourside Darling HarbourKristy and Jesse - Southern In-Law

Fave Bucket List Tick: We have a list of so many things we've never done - and photobooth photos were on that list. So when I spied a photobooth on our way to our car last night, I told Jesse we had to do it. The photos are so silly - but so fun.

Fave Person: Jesse, duh! But I am also so glad to have become friends with the lovely Harriet and Pip from Flamingo Pink - and I can't wait to share what we have in store!! Keep your eyes peeled, lovelies - big news is coming soon!

Fireworks at Vivid Sydney, Darling Harbour

And I leave you with our view from dinner last night - pretty average, I must say....... Not! :P It totally made up for the non-gluten free friendly restaurant who also didn't have peppermint tea, ha. 

But tell us! What are you loving this week?!

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  1. the guy on the broom... how funny.

  2. Your makeup looks beautiful! And did you have dinner in Darling Harbour? Are those the fireworks I spy? ;)

    1. Thank you, lovely! We did have dinner in Darling Harbour - and yep! There were fireworks for Vivid!


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